• How it Works...

At the end of every month DVMDshop picks a different charity to donate towards. A portion of each purchase goes towards that month's charity. At the end of the month we tally up the results and send some love to trusted charitable organizations.

  • Are the Charities Reputable?

To ensure our donations are going to reliable and reputable organizations, DVMDshop goes the extra mile. We use a number of resources (for example Charity Navigator) to ensure that each charity we choose is properly using our donations. 

  • More About DVMDshop

DVMDshop was created by John Schaser (CEO) and Timothy Pumarejo (COO) as a shop page for DVMD.org. From the beginning of our journey we wanted to help others in some sort of way. By choosing to donate to various charities each month we aim to make as broad as an impact as possible. Combined with the rest of the DVMD team, we plan to help make the world a better place, one person at a time. 

Here's Some of the Charities We Have Donated to So Far