Holly Jolly Lie

Remember when christmas was the best day ever? 

   Santa was coming to town and every little kid was stoked to get gifts. Then dropped the santa bomb, the realization that a holly-jolly-chubby-man breaking and entering into houses didn't exist. From then on many consider the childhood lies to be over, especially up into adulthood...right?

   But that would just be too naive. Look at colleges for example who do the worst job of preparing young minds for the real world. Hopes, promises, and pipe dreams of having jobs and earning a wealthy living after graduation. Then drops yet another reality bomb, when young adults realize there are more bills and money taken out of their pockets than there are jobs. 

   Don't go through life being single minded or naive. Think deeply and look at things with optimism. If so, you may encounter another holly jolly lie. 


 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser  

Sandcastles of Belief

Beliefs are kinda like sandcastles...

   We tediously spend time to build them up, to reenforce the foundation, and check every faucet to ensure it is exactly who it's imagined within the mind. Yet overtime at the worst moment a wave of doubt comes crashing down. It destroys the well established belief sandcastle leaving nothing but a few pieces behind. 

and here begins the process...

build up the belief to yet again get washed away....

    The mistake so many make is to fight against the waves of doubt. To be real, there is no fighting the powerful force behind it. But if one stays resilient, keeps an open mind, the waves of doubt may not destroy the sandcastle of beliefs. It may simply reconstruct it in a way that was never imagined before. 

Stay hopeful my friends....

 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser  

Got the itch bitch...being addicted to glass & plastic

Err I got the itch, I can't control it! Got..gott....gotta ch che check my FEED! YES LIKE MY PICTURES! YES SHARE MY SELFIE....YASSSSS!!! 
     Whoah sorry there folks, I lost myself in the hype of social media notifications. In all honestly I react in the opposite manner, mainly whenever I see little numbers next to the app icon on my phone. Yet social media is an addiction that I have not seen like any other. Sit on the thought for a second, it's better than any drug. Theres no cost, no repercussions, it releases dopamine (feel good chemical in the brain). You can (hypothetically) "shoot up" with family, at work, driving, and even a little during the middle of the night.  

    If you compare social media to a drug, it can reallly open one's mind to the craziness of it all. I recently went on a "rehab get-away" to detox my body of the constant phone nagging, posts, and wifi signals. It was a bit weird at first not going to lie. I caught myself grabbing my phone randomly and looking at it when I had no intentions to receive, or make a text or call. I would just look at my phone and see if I received anything, text, call, notification...

 "umm...We got an addict over here..."

    I was on vacation doing this shit! Luckily I was aware of my habit and stopped myself immediately. For the rest of the trip I basically left my phone in the car wherever I went. 

 What did I learn from this experience? 

   I was able to embrace the moment more vividly. I was able to experience life. I was able to feel free from the shackles that I placed upon myself. It felt as if I time traveled back to when cell phones did not exist. A time when people actually spoke to one another and called not to just ask for something but to talk and see how their day was going.

    Take a phone and social media detox and embrace the craziness that is the existance of life. Whether it's for a day or for a whole week. It will be the best thing one can do for their overall happiness and well-being.

"Keep On Keepin' On"

-John D Schaser

Sugar - Love - & Hating Life...

    "Anymore pestimistic John? Jesus your title already makes me want to give up, aren't you suppose to be inspirational?" - said John's alter ego Juan. 

    Yes I can be even more pestiimistic! People are getting fatter, moving less, eating more, killing themselves...shall I go on? In all honesty this post is not ment to be grim. As I am typing this blog I am sitting in a Dunkin' Donuts in Pendale PA. Random yes, does it matter, no. 
    What struck me to write this post is by doing what I do best, people watch...

not creepy right...right guys? Screw you then, it passes the time quiet well. 

    Over and over I hear people walking in and requesting a some form of sugary coffee or weird concoction that is suppose to kickstart their day. One lady came in, made her order, grabed the cup and cheesed it. As she received her order she quickly asked..."Did you add the caramel?" Not to be rude but this woman did not need caramel. But it struck a thought in my mind. Many people are not happy with their lives...

 "Whoah, hey asshole I'm pretty happy wit me life yo!" 
    Yeah it's a broad statment but let me finish.

    Whether it is with a career, job, work environment, or where they live, there are some people who just aren't happy. Then we begin to see behavioral patterns emerge like sugar addiction, alchhol consumption, shopping addcition, and poor eating habits. When humans are uphappy we find ways to mitigate the negative feelings through activities that give us quick dopamine rushes. That quick ultimate cranial flood of bliss and happiness. The kind of feeling that makes someone feel care-free and at peace. Almsot the same as if they smoked a huge doobie. 
    But here's the backfire, it's fleeting. The issue with these types of activities is that it does not completely change our lives. It comes as soon as it's gone, then we are left with our own devices (+44 song quote). Then what happens? We go straight back again into a routine of quick dopamine rushes. 

...Buy...sip...relax...checkout...purchase...happy...drink...sit...zone out...back to reality?...nah, restart the cycle!    

   See where I am going here, nothing changes because we are chasing the dragon. Kind of no different than a heroin junkie.

  "HEY AMAZON IS GREAT! That's not an addiction. Coffee just wakes me up, and alcohol chills me out at the end of a hard day!" 

    You might have to re-read my earlier claim, because almost everyhting in modern civilization is geared towards triggering dopamine rushes in human beings. It's like a secret overlord found out this trick in a wizard's lair on top of a stormy mountain hill. It was bestowed upon him in a secret scroll that only he can read...This is starting to sound like Jehovah Witness jargon. Yet it's like this "evil overlord" knew how to control human consciousness. Think about it....

  • Malls are created for us to buy shit. Dopamine rush numero uno. 
  • Coffee is consumed by westeners everyday. Dopamine rush number two. 
  • Alcohol is found everywhere. Liquor stores, walmart, gas stations, resturants, need I go on? Dopamine rush number three. 
  • Sugar, the substance that is in nearly all food that Americans consume. Dopamine rush number four.
  • Tv, movies, youtube, social media...you get the point. Dopamine rush number five.    

   Honestly I can keep going, but by the time I'm done this blog I might as well have made a book about this topic. This post was very elaborate and all over the place, but I want it to be something that opens your eyes. Sit back after reading this and ask yourself what patterns do I practice in everyday that give me bursts of dopamine followed by a lull? You'd be suprised. 

"Keep On Keepin' On"

-John D Schaser

Tales of Two Wolves...

     There once was a cherokee elder who was teaching his grandchildren about life. He gathered the children around him one night as they say by the campfire and looked around the circle and said, "There is a fight going on inside of me. It's a terrible fight! And it's between two wolves. One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, and resentment. The other wolf stands for joy, peace, love, hope, and kindness. This same fight is going on inside of you and every other person too." 

The children sat wide-eyed in silence for a moment. Then one of them asked, "Grandfather, which wolf will win?" 

The Elder paused and looked into his grandchild's eyes and replied after a short pause: 

"The one I feed."


Dope Right?...

    This short story really correlates with how we think. Majority of people suffer from their own mental abuse through negative thinking. Negative thoughts are just part of being human and it's what helped us survive. So the instant a negative thought enters your mind acknowledge it and turn it into a form of gratitude. 


Quick Example:

Scenario: Caught your girlfriend in bed with another man? 

Gratitude Mindset: Well at least I have my health, a penis, and a phone that can help me meet other women instantly. Let the love search begin! ...maybe not the best example, lets give it another go...

Scenario: Your car broke down and you have to walk a mile down the road to get good phone service to call for a tow.

Gratitude Mindset: Well at least I have functional legs so I can walk to get help. Hey check that out it's a nice day out to walk anyways...I think you get the point [;

"Keep On Keepin' On"

-John D Schaser



Centrifugal Fuckery

I'll be happy when "X" happens
I'll be happy when "Y" happens...
I'll be happy when {fill in the blank} happens...

 Sounds familiar? If not, then you may be a rare human being. Everyone should have at least heard this once in their life. Basically it is assumed that happiness will occur once an event or situation happens. It is within these statments that the loop beigns and the phrase, "I'll be happy when.." keeps playing on repeat. I had this epiphany the other day just zoning out in my kitchen. Thinking about my personal training business, and just life in general. I was pondering my thoughts and said to myself; I'll be happy when I get more money coming in so I can fully support myself." Then at that moment I had a flash back to the winter months where I was in the same situation saying to myself, "I'll be happy once I pass my personal training exam. I revealed my own circular thought loop before myself and had a chance to look at it from a distant perspective. Like a hamster running in a wheel, my thought process kept making statements claiming I will achieve happiness when I reach sed landmark. One statement after another, in a constant cycle, I would make hopeful claimes where I ended up not finding happiness. 
            If I didn't realize this thought loop, who knows how long these patterns would have kept occuring. Many people consider some of these thoughts as "goals." Yet once acomplished many of us tend to replace that goal with another immedietly after. What needs to be done is to realize that happiness will never be achieved with this process. Happiness is only found in the present moment, it cannot be obtained by constantly peering into the future. If someone is not happy within the present moment, then they never will be. Goals will be achieved, pushed aside, and a new goal takes it's place. The pattern continues and we tend to chase the invetiable happiness dragon.  
                To really combat this issue acknowledge any looping thought patterns and look at yourself introspectively. Ask, "will  this event bring me happiness at this present moment? Will this goal help me achieve a level of happiness I cannot reach now?" Be tough, honest, and real with yourself. If done properly you should have an epiphany and realization that to be truly happy one just has to step back and enjoy what the present has to offer.

"Keep On Keepin' On"

-John D Schaser

You Can't Squander Love

   Many people when they go through horrible break ups go searching for love. Some may even pursue things they don't completely understand to achieve a feeling of fullfillness. Love is chased by many people, yet it is free-flowing. You should never have the feeling of wasted love because it comes and goes. When one opportunity leaves another one will appear. Yet many people become fearful and gasp at the thought of temporarily loosing love. This could then cascade into a shift of behavior that causes them to hold onto it for dear life. 

    Let's imagine love as a pet cat. When going about your daily life the pet cat may randomly come up to you, rub up against you leg, purr, then in a sly manner, walk away. The cat came to show some affection, left, and will most likely come back again. Now imagine when the cat comes up to you once again, you grab it tightly so it cannot leave. So what's the cat going to do? Freak the fuck out! Once it gets freed up it will bolt leaving once again and possibly for good being scared to come back. 
    Love is like that cat. It cannot be forced, it cannot be held against it's will. Love is free flowing and does what it pleases. The best we can do is embrace it as much as possible, and when the time comes let it be free. But always remember it will come back again soon if it's treated right...

    This blog was inspired by my good friend Richard Monteleone. I have to thank him for the great cat analogy. Click the link HERE to check out his website and sick art pieces. 
    All in All
    "Keep on Keepin' on" 
    -John D. Schaser

How A Bad Break Up Saved My life

  The title itself sounds pretty daunting. When most people hear a title like that they would assume I was in a horrible car accident, or my significant other sacrificed themself in order for me to survive from hanging off a mountain’s cliff. Nah, this story actuallly has a different spin to it. 
   As we all know break ups are no bueno, and I mean no bueno. But as for anyhting dark there has to be some shed of light. As we all mature we tend to look at times of peril and realize it was beneficial to our lives. Like the begining to any sappy romance movies I was the young, naive, testosterone filled teen who thought he was in “love.” 
   At the time I found my college sweetheart of two years. everything in life was pretty good except for the inevitable. What tends to happen to almost everyone in a relationship is we become comfortable. That nagging threat of feeling that we will be forver alone disapates and we begin to worry about other things. I am not a big proponate of settling for less and I advise many others not to live their lives in that way as well. But what happened to me was change. Over the course of two years I began to evolve. From a fearless, confident, and independent Raichu I de-evoled into a Pichu (Pokemon reference-it’s a Millenials thing). Before I knew it my confidence deminished, my pestimtic thoughts came back, and I began doubting my abilities. 
   By this point I have tottally lost touch with who I orginally was, and all the work I put into building myself up tumbled before me. The only person to blame was me, letting go of who I was and verring off the path of who I am to become. 
If this was a movie this moment would be the climax! 
The young lover had his heart broken and falls down picking up the remrants of what was left!”-See how I got I little poetic there? 
    But what a wise old man with a white beard and jolly belly once told me (no it’s not santa, just my dad), “Not all good things last forever.” That statement is very true, yes I had my fun, but I didn’t enjoy what I changed into. 
That break up saved my life. From it I learned how far away I strayed from my original goals. Now I am working harder then ever and I feel fantastic. I learned a very valuable life lesson and it taught me to not forget who I am and who I want to become. 
   My final thoughts of wisdom are this; if you or anyone you love have recently been inflicted by the pain of a break up do not rush to heal the wounds. The same as how a cut heals itself, the bleeding stops, it scaps over, and then mends.  


Curse of Curiosity

   We are all cursed in a sense, not by some kind of spell or witchcraft but by curiosity. The scientific definition of our species is homo-sapien, which in latin means the wise human. Some individuals go even deeper and call us the homo-sapien-sapien, the one that knows it knows. Yup we’re beginning our decent into the trippy rabbit hole, please fasten your seatbelt as we will begin this blog post with basic scientific terminology, which will follow a rapid drop into ideas that may question life and our existence. If by any chance you are under the influence of any from of psychedelic I please advise you to read with caution. Other than that, lets dive in and go deep. 

    In hindsight, we are the only animals on this planet that knows of it’s existence and “consciousness.” Some may argue and say dolphins should be added to that category, but I’m not here to talk about flipper questioning his life in the ocean. But who knows, that could develop into another trippy blog post. By this point you’re probably wondering why I would call this ability a curse. Well let me tell you a quick story of how this idea blossomed in my cranium.

    Like a true man I was outside collecting wood for a fire on a cold winters evening. True story bro… During this time I was in a bit of a dark thought loop. Aggravated with life, stressed from my studies and work, I was angrily contemplating what it is human beings are doing. If you just sit back and question what is it that all human kind is working towards, the answer begins to get a bit muffled and hard to truly see. Yes we are developing new technologies and enhancing life to make it easier to survive. But is that really it? Just to turn into the inevitable iRobot that has the main focus of money. 

    I have always felt that human kind as a culture has always been lost and uses work, money, and war as a means to occupy time and not confront the big elephant in the room. Why we have a consciousness and why we are here. But I’ll go deeper into that topic in a future post. 

    As I was collecting wood, fed up with my thought loops, I came to a conclusion wishing that we did not have this capability. It leaves us in a jumble of curiosity, frustration, and depression. We try to find our purpose and meaning to decipher what the “big picture” is for mankind. Many scientists, religious oligarchs, and crazy homeless guys yelling “the end is near,” believe they have the answer. But at the end of the day no one truly knows. Feels good right? Not knowing where the fuck man kind is really venturing towards. Like a car driving down a foggy road, man kind can only see so far into the mist before we eventually hit something, that is “if” we ever do. - Insert Twilight Zone theme song - 

    I can keep ranting but I’m temporarily putting this puppy to bed. But don’t let my thoughts or posts give you anxiety, anger, or confusion. They are meant to open your mind to different forms of thought, and just to question things about life. Hope you enjoyed the blog and I will see you again in a few. 

Keep on Keepin’ on 


A Letter For My Friend

    Hello friend, you son of a bitch.

         It’s hard to put a name to such a faceless beast. All I can conjure up is to name you “Depression.” You have taken me through many ups and downs, similar to a roller coaster except I don’t know how low the drop will take me. I have doubted, cried, and toiled over your haunting stay. Like an unwelcome guest, you not only forget to knock but barge into my residence, my current state of mind. Effecting my emotions and abilities, your fog consumes me causing the simplest feelings of love and compassion to dare not enter. Finally I am writing to face the monster that strategically haunts me. Finally I can say…thank you. 

    In a fluster of confusion and curiosity you may be wondering why I would thank such a heartless monster. My past experiences with depression I have helped me discover my true potential. By being pushed into the darkest parts of my ego I found out who I truly am. I was able to tap into the deepest fragments of my will to push on. I learned how to roll with the pain and utilize the energy in a positive way. Though at times it was incredibly tough, I managed to pull through. Like a teacher hidden within the dark, depression has guided me towards unexpected lessons about life and who I am. Depression has made me into a stronger more empathetic being and I could not thank it more. By suffering from it first hand I can truly understand the pain that many individuals go through. 

    Depression is similar to a journey down a dark forest path. With tress overhanging, the cold fog settling slightly above the ground making it near impossible to see, and the sky is completely black. All that becomes visible is a tiny light in the distance.Imagine the person walking down this dark path is someone suffering from depression and the forest represents their state of mind. Being in complete darkness it would be very tough for that person to find their way out of the forrest. Now image that same individual walking through the dark forest with a bright lantern. Obviously this would make the journey much easier and almost give the individual a sense of safety. That is how we should support those who suffer from depression. Be the lantern that helps light their path. Even though we cannot make the journey for them we can still be the light that shows we care. 

    I know you may be wondering what’s up with all the dark posts lately. Sometimes in dark moments of life I become inspired to write. It’s the positive aspect to a negative occurrence, that from time to time knocks me down. But hey, I keep getting back on my feet and keep on keepin’ on (hell yeah I made a Joe Dirt reference). I like making posts like these for people to understand how lonely we can sometimes feel when depression knocks at our door. I like to bring awareness in my own special way to these dilemmas that we all face from time to time. Even if these posts only help one or two people that’s a giant success in my book. 

Keep on Keepin’ on

- John D. Schaser

To Live & Die

"The beauty of life and the death of it all just toys with our emotions."

   To be aware that all things will eventually die is daunting. I hear a beautiful bird singing in the distance outside of my window. The sad truth is knowing that one day that bird  will be deceased and it's harmonious songs will be forever forgotten. Life and death is just part of this chaotic world that we dwell in. The beauty of life and the death of it all just toys with our emotions. Like a lost lover, our hearts break whenever we know that our relationship with this existence will one day end.

   Our minds become dams holding back the pressures of life. When reality opens the flood gates it transpires anxiety, sadness, and fear into so many. For some, the stress can become crippling causing envy, regret, and despair to brew inside of their psyche. We tend to grasp this realm with our fingers deeply entrenched into the soil, wanting to never let go of our world, our home. Yet whether we like it or not, the centrifugal forces of life will one day take us away from all that we love.

   So why sit, loathing in hatred, sadness, and angst? Why spend our time bathing in negative emotions where we have the opportunity to embrace the disarray of life? We should not let the stress of reality torture our health and mental clarity. Many worry and aimlessly think and revise thoughts believing that they will discover the secret to avoiding death. Fearing and pondering about life too often will only excel time, bringing us closer to the inevitable.

   My words to you...embrace everything that you may come across in the journey of life. Love your friends and family with all your might. Only because one day, just how the beautiful bird's song will never be heard again, our bodily existence will one day fade away. 


Millenial’s Curse

"We are blind to reality, and we live in this illusive world where we are stuck in our own minds..."

   Depression is not only an illness but an underlying problem within current generations. We are blind to reality, and we live in this illusive world where we are stuck in our own minds. To assume that everyone is fine is idiotic. Many who have suffered from depression do not show their pain, they hide it. The same situation occurs when we become ill. We segregate ourselves from others to not spread what has made us sick. But this natural defense mechanism becomes faulted when our illness is not that of bacteria, but consists of a mental ailment.    

   We have to look at the bigger picture. If we do not address the epidemic of depression then the pattern will continue to emerge more and more. The millennial’s have been curse by modern civilization. The bubble that which we live in is slowly poisoning us, causing many mental ailments. The next nationwide health epidemic in the United States will not be heart disease or obesity, it will become depression. 

   We have to take a step back and view our surroundings and how we live. It is not a fluke that more and more young men and women are suffering from acute depression. We have to realize that we are animals that created a zoo for ourselves. Our homes, vehicles, and careers are self created casts causing us to become dysfunctional. The way we currently live is a self made prison where humans are becoming immobile, over-weight, and depressed. We are de-evolving and becoming weaker as years pass. 

   Future generations rely on the innovative thinkers of today to make a brighter future for man and civilization. Will millennials be the generation that halts this path to man kind’s own demise? To do this we need to change our toxic environments, the way we move, and how we interact with others. Lets start the wildfire of change and address depression in a new way. Solving the root causes and not just treating the superficial symptoms.

John D Schaser

Journey to the End

   There is not a human in the world who has the capability to predict when their last breath will be taken. We do not know when death will appear at our doorstep, and when our existence on this planet will fade away. The question we should be asking ourselves; have we lived to the fullest potential of our existence on this planet?

    This blog post may be anxiety inducing and problematic to some individuals. At the worst it would cause you to lean back in your chair and contemplate wether your life is worthy tale for others to admire. Some of these ideas are what many individuals avoid due to the pain that could be caused from the ego. Pain of realization that one may not have taken the chances that life randomly offered. Further, one may realize that our culture has tricked us into becoming a pawn of the materialistic machine.

     The question still beckons, have you lived to your fullest potential? Have you really lived not to just purchase things that feed the addicting dopamine rush that follows? The natural drug thats emits instant bliss for a brief minute, yet when that minute ends our bodies crave more. Leaving our happiness to be derived from buying more materialistic objects, more things, more stuff, more shit to clutter and hoard. Materials that we keep and hide almost like pack rats. When someone threatens to take those items from us we will fight as if we were fighting for another human life. 

    Is that really how we should live our last moments if we were to perish at this very second? Every minute, hour, and day that goes by, time is lost. We are always in fear of the future which leaves us to neglect the beauty of the present moment. Many of us are in such peril from regretful experiences of our past that we constantly focus and harp on the pain. This horrible rut of fearing the future and worrying of the past leaves us in a psychotic rut that will bring the human psyche to it’s own demise. Pulling our attention away from realizing that the experience on this planet will end one day for us, and we will inevitably die. 

    Everyone thinks that they are immortal and bound to live forever, at least that is what their ego has tricked them into believing. But if we are not aware of the present, life will slap us in the face when detrimental crisis occur. Trust me, the power behind the motions of life does not give a shit, life can be a real bitch to the naive. Really think deeply, have you made internal happiness within yourself that does not consist upon materialistic items? Happiness that does not derive from just buying shit that momentarily feeds that void within ourselves. If you lived happily and content, and feel good within, then you would not fight dying at this very moment if that is life’s calling. This is only because you will know your existence was worthy to be a notable journey that inspired others. Lessons to live the pursuit of happiness, bravery to reach personal goals, or whatever that natural calling is within yourself. 


    Now not to sound religious, optimistic, or one-sided, but I believe there is something beyond this weird world. Whether it is reincarnation, flashbacks, a simulation, etc, there is some sort of existence or meaning of our journeys that we cannot fathom. Currently we live in an organic world where things live and die in a constant circular motion. We have to look at ourselves and realize our bodies are representations of that cycle. As we age our minds and bodies begin to decay which brings us to realizing this journey of life is not forever.

    One thing that stands strong is our consciousness and our thoughts. Who we are and who we think we are is such a stronger force than the process of aging. A prime example are older individuals who still hold a childish young spirit within themselves. Some look down upon it, but a youthful soul is truly a beautiful thing. It is something we should never let go, because it seems that once we let go of that spirit, once we subdue to culture, we begin to drive ourselves insane. Our main focus then switches to obtaining thin fragile pieces of green paper that hold value to so many. Once we enter the rat race of pursuing money, well that’s when we loose the inner child that enjoyed life. 


    When we are children we not only enjoy life, we embrace it! We are curious and at awe of everything around us, truly seeing the beauty of the world. But when we grow old and that feeling of awe dies off, we are left with a giant hole within ourselves. Then we become numb, non-empathetic, non-curious, non-creative. When we let ourselves become the inevitable empty being that is a modern disease to all culture, there is nothing but a dark future ahead. Many individuals aimlessly float through life not knowing their purpose leaving them to find a meaningless job. A daily task that is just a simple function that anyone can perform. A job where one may become just an interchangeable cog in a machine that will never stop running. Whether you are sick, or not sick, happy or depressed, it does not matter because in the end of the day business is strictly business. The perpetual corporate machine will keep running taking any lost souls along for a brief ride. 

    I doubt the majority of people reading this would want to become just a cog for a corporate machine. Yet when given the opportunity of large stacks of green paper, more 0 digits to add to someone’s bank account, our minds shift. We then fall in love with the idea of buying more shit. To trade in our happiness for chances to show off and peacock our financial success. Is this really the future for man kind that so many ancient philosophers would have imagined?

    My final thoughts are this, do not loose your inner child. Live in awe, enjoy the present, remember that past may have regretful moments but view them as learning experiences. Do not fall victim and become a slave to a hated job just for the pursuit of material objects. Find your passion that will help others in man kind. Once we embrace the present and love everything around us, then when the moment comes, and our final breath is near, we will be very content and pass on through to whatever lies ahead. 

-John D Schaser


Schizophrenia & Oculus Rift

   What if virtual reality will cause the onset of Schizophrenia in humans when becomes as common as smart phones. 

    Schizophrenia is the dilution of reality where a human being cannot decipher reality and they experience it abnormally. It’s a terrifying mental ailment that has yet to have a cure. Many people who suffer from schizophrenia experience hallucinations, hear voices, and fall into a rut where it is hard to live in this the modern world. 

    Oculus rift are a ski goggle looking device where an individual can go into a digital world where they can hear and see everything within it. These devices have become incredibly popular in the past few years and are advancing in quality and graphic details. So when the day comes and everyone is using virtual reality as much as their smart phones, will we spend more time in the digital realm than in actual reality? 

    Here’s my argument, if humans spend more time in virtual reality than in the actual real world we live in, many people will begin to suffer from schizophrenic like symptoms. Very soon virtual reality will be so clear and realistic that someone wearing the goggles will not be able to tell if the world they are in is truly real. That is when an individual will undergo schizophrenic like symptoms. Their reality may be false, they may question their own existence, paranoia sets in, they begin to question everything. Friends and loved ones might not be trusted. They could be bots created by the virtual reality software to give gain clues on life experiences to keep everything realistic looking. Then they will distance themselves from others resulting in even more issues like social deprivation. 

    Ohh shit did that get trippy. As crazy as that tangent may have sounded it has a possibility of actually occurring. The more I talk about it my argument is beginning to sound like simulation theory. Basically this theory believes that we are currently living within a very detailed video game like simulation. Here’s the really crazy part, many accredited academics are beginning to discover that all matter is comprised of 1’s and 0’s, like computer programing code. If we really think about it there are many similarities in video games and reality, like the laws of physics, or that we cannot walk through walls. Now I know obviously that humans in the real world create video games and give them aspects of the real world. But one cannot argue that it is an interesting thought. 

    I’m not trying to convince anyone that we live in a digital world and that everything is a simulation. I’m just pointing out odd similarities and ideas that may make someone rethink everything. But just take it with a grain of salt and do the research. I wouldn’t want my readers to begin to telling their bosses to “fuck off” because they think this world is a digital program.


-John D. Schaser

The Blindness of Stupidity

   It amazes me how dumb humans can be at times.  If we are the so called"most advanced species" on this planet why is it so hard to understand one another? 

   This question arose from a flashback of my days in high school. Back then I was extremely shy, honestly I'm surprised I didn't word people out. One thing that always annoyed me was how naive other classmates were to the human psychology.  It's like they never understood what it ment t be introvert, or to suffer from social anxiety.  The most common remark I would receive from others were dumb questions like,  "why are you so quiet?" Even I back then didn't fully graspthe concept that everyone's psychology is a bit different.  Yet it made me very confused and wondering what must be wrong with me.  This then led on to a cycle of pain, depression,  and at times distancing myself from others.  All just because I didn't feel that I could belong and that I was just fucked from ever being social.  

   No one should ever go through this struggle. Especially in the day and age which we live in now.  If you are reading this you are not alone.  Many others have lived this experience and have pushed through. Hell if can change my psyche for the better then so can you.  But if you need help I'm here for you.  

   Leave a comment or send an email (divineminds.contact@gmail.com ). The struggle of overcoming personal barriers does not have to be a lonely one.     

-John D Schaser

A Goal of Despair

   From personal experience I can say that being healthy is a great game changer for experiencing this life. Yet an individual can spend all their time on the pursuit of better health and short come themselves. They can have the body of a Greek god, but it will not bring  them satisfaction if they do not have anyone to enjoy it with. Growing up I was always healthy, strict, and followed the goal I had set in my mind.  The only downfall was that when reached my goal I had no one to celebrate it with. I grew up struggling with social anxiety and even though my physical health was on point, my social health wasn't.

    What I am trying to say is do not neglect other aspects of your life.  Look beyond the physical appearances and make sure you address all areas of a healthy life. Mental health, brain health, and social health, are all key examples. Even though it sounds like common sense many people will let this advice go over their head. Just remember this, there is nothing worse than reaching a health goal and being alone. 

-John D Schaser

Stress like a '69 Chevelle

   Our bodies are made to handle quick busts of stress.  For example, fight or flight responses are natural forms of stress that do not damage our body.  Yet or modern culture is full of many unnatural stressors that have our systems red lining for hours throughout the day. Picture your heart and body as if it was a car motor.  When the car is in neutral you can quickly rev the motor and watch the RPM'S rise and fall without causing damage to the motor.  Now if you place the pedal to the floor and rev the engine till it red lines, either something in the motor will break or it will blow the engine all together. This analogy can be applied to our bodies.  If we"red line" our system constantly, something is bound to give, most likely ending in heart attack or heart failure.  

   Be mindful of your body and become conscious of what situations may elevate stress.  But at the same time don't become overly anal about it.  Like I mentioned earlier, a little stress is natural and healthy,  but an abundance of it can be harmful.  If you would like to learn how to measure stress there's a number of ways to do so.  Leave a comment below and I will create another blog discussing this topic or I'll create a video on it.   


-John D. Schaser

A World So Connected...


    If we live in a world so connected why is it that some of us feel so alone? 


    In an age where we can at any time connect with other through a few taps on a light emitted screen, we still feel unwanted, distanced, & in the dark. In an age so bright with technology, we are still capable of being engulfed by darkness. 

    Don’t just assume that just because others have a device constantly near them, that they never suffer from their tyrant mind. That their thoughts never corrupt their consciousness to a point of self-doubt, self depreciation, or self fed-depression. We cannot go through life assuming things, especially with others. 

    Just take a brief second throughout your day and consider your friends and loved ones. Deeply decipher whether they are happy, or that they may be suffering quietly. Many people feel shame to admit they are in a dark place and don’t wish to feel pity from others. But that is exactly when they need compassion the most. For when this happens it begins a cycle of digging deeper into avoiding others and covering unhappiness with lies. 

    Go the extra mile. Give your loved ones a call, visit, or even a quick chat. You never know when that might pull someone out of their dark mindset. 


-John D. Schaser

Only If...

I'm just writing to help cope...


    That's how a this blog post first originated. I stumbled across what you are about to read in my journal. I'm kinda bummed out because I didn't date it, yet there is still some truth and wisdom to be told within it. This was a moment in my life when I was going through a bout of depression and many things that I once knew, all disappeared. So at that, here's my journal entry...


   I wonder if someone else in this world feels the same as I do. Probably... There's a lot of people out there. It's a journey attempting to know myself or even finding out who I am. Yes in this reality which we reside in, my name is "John." But I ask myself, who really is John? What makes me have the personality qualities that I'm delt with from birth? As time goes, people change. We live, we breath, we evolve. There's only one catch, we either evolve slowly with the rest, or we push boundaries and evolve like the greats. Heartbreaks mend, but letting others hold us back from personal development are the poison which will kill us quickly. Evolving oneself will slowly creep to a stop and then we become comfortable. Stagnant in the rut of self de-evolution. Break free, keep learning, keep evolving, and most importantly, keep smiling. 

    Now if you do not know me personally, it would be hard to understand why I wrote this journey entry in such a jumpy manner. It's kinda just how my thoughts come to me as I write. What I wrote above is exactly what came out of my journal. When ever I go back to read old entries I love it. It's like I am going back in time to read the thoughts that I once had. The moral of this blog post is not just to push boundaries and keep evolving, but to buy a journal. Keep one with you everywhere and write down your thoughts. It helps with stress, coping, & clears the mind. 

   If you enjoy these "back in time" journal entries from John, leave a comment below letting me know how you feel and I'm be glad to share more. 

-Stay cheesy my friends 😜✌️❤️
-John D. Schaser

The Cold Hearts of America

 I don't care who you are, male or female. If you never cry you are not Human


   To cry doesn't make you a pussy, it doesn't make you less manly, it just shows that you have an open heart. Why does our culture demonize crying as being weak? Growing up, children reticule each other for even shedding a tear. So we go through our teenage years into adulthood repressing the most essential component of compassion that humans can create. 

   The cold hearts of America hit me spontaneously. It's a pretty cool name right? But in a sad sense it is true in many ways. We grow up perceiving the world as a scary place and that if we are not tough, life will kick our asses around with little remorse. We need to break off the icicles of pain from our hearts and warm it with the love of others, not with fear. By doing so we can understand each other better and focus less on needless shit and more on helping our own human race. 

   Just open your heart to others, understand their struggles and pain. If a tear is shed, let it be, and just know you are a loving, compassionate human being. 


-John D. Schaser