Thoughts of John - Fear

                 Written by, John Schaser         10/11/14

Hey everyone, 

   I stumbled across this thought I wrote down a while ago involving fear, and before I delve too deep into the topic I would like to explain my interpretation of it momentarily. 

   Fear holds us back from enjoying many things in life such as love, friendship, the feeling of succeeding, and many other things. It's truly amazing that a four letter word can have such a major impact on the development of our lives. The worst thing that can happen due to fear is settling for less..Now a further ado...the Thoughts of John - "Fear."

   Why settle for less? In life many people just settle for less whether it be relationships, a job, or life goals. Basically when people do this, they are just setting themselves up for an unhappy life. When we settle for less in relationships, we usually stick with our partner because we are either scared to be alone or have a fear of not finding someone new. Fear plays a big role in settling for less. As humans we cling onto what we possess, and if there is a threat that it could all possibly be taken away, we cling onto it even more. A great example is a young girl and her first boyfriend. Say this girl losses her virginity to this guy. Since that is her first love, she has an abundance of emotions already attached to him. If the boyfriend cheats on her, she will most likely forgive him. It sounds absurd but it is sadly true. This is due to settling for less and fear loosing those "good feeling" attached emotions. The young girl will forgive her boyfriend because she does not want to loose the affection that they once had. You can look around and not just see this in woman but in men even more. This is what causes many unhappy relationships, divorce, cheating, and to some extreme cases abuse or homicide....

   So thats where I left off when I first wrote down this thought. For whoever is reading this I know it may sound controversial. At the time it was the first example that came to mind when I was writing this down. Also I have had many friends who were stuck in this situation in the past, even to the point where their significant other cheated on them constantly. Its sad but it happens.. 

If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns go ahead and place em in the comment section below or tweet them to us @DivineMinds_org. I'd be happy to read your thoughts or feelings about fear or my post.  Otherwise...peace!