Thoughts of John - Weird, Right?!

 Written By- John Schaser        10-16-14

This is yet another little segment that I wrote about last winter and I never had a chance to post it until now. Enjoy!

   As I sit here in my boring psychology class, I watch time slowly click by on my watch. If I was to see myself from a third-person perspective I probably look really weird. I am sitting in the front row of my class, not looking at the powerpoint, yet I'm writing in my notebook like a mad man. Odd,right?! But the question is; what is defined as being defined as being weird or odd? In my eyes I am doing something enjoyable, for others it may be weird that I like writing jibberish in my notebook. "Weird" is such a vague word. We use it to label so many things, actions, and people. Being weird is just doing something that is outside the norms of society. Why? Because we are doing something  that is "out of place," and we should stop what we are doing and listen to the dictatorship of society. I don't know about you but....FUCK THE NORMS of SOCIETY! Reading that out loud makes me feel good inside. Go ahead and read it a few times over, it's nice to feel a little rebellious. Why should we have society control how we act, think, or live? Many people think norms do not control their lives, but they are just naive. Fashion, fads, social media, and friends are like enforcers of norms. If your friends see you doing something weird, or wearing something odd they will tell you. Once this happens you will realize your actions and stop proceeding them. For example, Sigmund Frued's work in psychology was outside the norms of society at the time he theorized them. His thoughts involving sexual repression, unconscious and sub-conscious actions in our body and brain seemed way out of place with society. But now his thoughts and theories are the most popular in psychology still till this day. So is being weird a method of becoming a pioneer of new thoughts and actions? Or is being weird just out of place thoughts and actions that should not be repeated because others don't like it or can't understand? The first question is sounds more appealing to me....