Thoughts of John - The perception of beauty

Written by, John Schaser    10-26-14

   Hey everyone in this thoughts of John blog post I will be talking about ebola and the horrific epidemic that is sweeping the nation...Nah I'm just kidding theres too much news B.S out there already constantly reporting on it. Plus who the hell would want to constantly listen to bad news all day. 

   So in this post I am going to be talking about a thought I wrote one day when I was pondering after reading one of Ralph Waldo Emerson's books, smoking a cigar, sipping on brandy, and looking over the foot hills of Italy... Obviously thats only a dream, but c'mon a guy can dream right? 

  Woman statue in the piazza del popolo in Rome 

  Woman statue in the piazza del popolo in Rome 

   Now this thought does involve Italy and that is why I brought it up! If you look at the statues in the piazza's in Italy the people of those statues are unlike the people we see today on modeling and fitness magazines. They were normal humans with natural psychics. Too many people now and days look at the unnatural and believe that these magazine lies are how you are supposed to look. Back when those statues were built, people cherished the natural beauty in the human body. Women of those statues were beautiful, and they weren't dangerously skinny. 

   What I'm trying to reveal to you is how the view of how our bodies are "supposed to appear," has unconsciously changed before us. Today the image of natural beauty is covered by false images and pipe dream type bodies. If you want to "be beautiful" you have to have 2% body fat, wear a fuck ton of makeup, buy fashioned clothes, and other materialistic stuff that is unnecessary. Clearly over time this has happened, but it may be something that you have never questioned before. That is what my goal mainly is for DivineMinds. To help others question things more frequently, look at life from different angles, and try being an openminded skeptic in a positive way. 

   Moral of the story/thought is don't settle for what social media, peers, news, social norms, & etc..., tell you to think. Theres a lot of false images and bullshit out there so by having an open, but skeptic and intelligent mind, it can help you tremendously throughout life. 

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