Stop feeling like SHIT and optimize yourself!

Written by John Schaser            12-10-14

What is Human Bio-optimization, and why should you care about it?

   Human bio-optimization is exactly what is sounds like, taking full advantage of (optimizing) the human biological processes. Basically it consists of eating the right foods to get the most from your body and mind. The reason this is ever so important to you is that it can dramatically increase the quality of your life!

   I was first introduced of the concept of human bio-optimization by a guy named Troy Casey. I met Troy at a seminar in Tampa Florida about a moth ago. We got into a big discussion about my goals of DivineMinds and what I plan on doing with my life. After I said everything that I could think of Troy stopped my ranting and gave me a great piece of advice. 

"The best way to succeed at your goals is to take care of your tool, and to do that is through bio-optimization"

   What he meant by tool was in reference to my body. If we don't take care of our bodies we will not have the capabilities to reach our goals in a fast and productive manner. Most people don't realize this until their tool "breaks," after that reality kicks in and then they begin to realize what our bodies truly mean to us. 

   After that Troy began flooding my brain with so much information that I could barely wrap my head around it all. What really stuck with me was that quote, and from then on I have experimented with various forms of optimizing my body.  

   So what were my results?...I have zero brain fog, my energy level is higher than before, and I have the ability to think more and convey deeper thoughts. By optimizing my body I have changed the quality of my life in a positive way. All it took was an investment on myself and the food I ate. In a nut shell all you need is some organic food, clean water, a form of cleanse, and the knowledge to put all of these pieces together. 

   If doing this could help me then it could help anyone who is reading this blog post. If just by eating different food can alter the quality of your life then why not give it a shot! If you truly want a clear conscious and the ability to "think differently" the first step is through human bio-optimization. 

   If you're thinking to yourself, "yea that sounds cool... but I don't have the time to find out how to optimize my body." Then listen closely... I am considering throwing together a FREE ebook about Human Bio-optimization. I will go over how to apply it to your own life, how shop organic and save, and even include some cooking tips. If you are interested in this offer just let me know and I'll begin forming it together. Just message me via Facebook (DivineMindsORG) or email ( and I will get back to you. 

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