Be a Badass like Lincoln! 4 Life Lessons You need to Know

Written By John Schaser           12-16-14

    Abraham Lincoln has to be one of the best presidents known to the United States. When he took office the country was in turmoil, the civil war was on the brink of beginning, the Union army was outdated and needed serious man-power. Most people put in this situation would crawl up into a ball and cry, but Lincoln perceived it as a challenge and forged his way to rebuild America. 

  Here are 4 Life Lesson that will help you become a Badass like president Lincoln:

1. Set Goals and be Results-Oriented 

The best and fastest ways to achieve goals is to be obsessed with what you are working on. The only way to make your passion into reality is through hard work. 

2. Have the Courage to Handle Criticism 

If someone needs other people to reassure them that their actions are justified, then they need to take a step back and re-evaluate their intended goals. If you take risks the universe will reward you for it.

3. Never Act Out of Spite

People would rather follow someone who is kind and empathetic, more so than someone who is crude and spiteful. 

4. Keep Searching Until you find your "THING" 

When confronted with a challenge Lincoln took charge, looked out of the box, and found new methods to solve his problems and accomplished his goals. 


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