Crazy old bastard or an Innovative Thinker?

Written By: John Schaser           12-2-14

Thoughts of John - Walt Disney

   They all thought he was crazy and going to run his business into the ground. That's what many people thought as they witnessed Walt Disney demise one of the world's most notorious theme parks. Walt Disney is someone who is very respected in my eyes for being so courageous. Throughout childhood we have wild dreams of being astronauts, superheroes, and having the ability to create the city of tomorrow....Well at least that was Walt's dream. 

  After reading Glenn Beck's book "Dreamers and Deceivers," I never really payed attention to Walt Disney and the success of his company. But after reading his short story I instantly became inspired. 

  All throughout his life Walt Disney was a dreamer. He pictured building a theme park that was like no other. He even traveled all over the country, even  parts of the world to compare other festivals and carnivals to his own design. Through hard work and determination Walt succeeded and began his business from a dream. 

   Any of us can day dream, hell I practically did it all throughout my 14 years of conventional schooling and college. But when do you truly grasp those dreams and implement them into something extraordinary? Most people who get the ambition to get shit done, and work towards their dreams get shot down from non-believers. Parents, friends, teachers, even co-workers can have a negative influence on a person's pursuit of happiness if they don't understand  it, or think it won't work. If you're stuck in this position and feel like your back is against the wall pay close attention to what I am going to say next....*DO THE THING that gets you closer to your dream, and tell any non-believer, pessimistic thinker, doubter to shut the hell up!*

   I'm not going to sugar coat it at all. If you plan to pursue a dream that others will not understand, they will drag you down. It's sad but true. Now I'm not saying these people are doing this because they want to see you miserable, because that would be an irrational thought. Basically our friends, family, and loved ones just want to see us stay safe by following a safe path. Following a dream can be a scary path, that's why others are intimidated by it and follow conventional thinking, jobs, and dogmas. If Walt listened to the influences of his father, he would still have probably lived in Kansas City Missouri on a farm day dreaming about the "what if's."

   Before I wrap up this blog post I want to share with everyone one of my favorite quotes: 

   "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson
We are all trail blazers, sometimes we just need that little nudge to turn a dream into getting shit done towards the reality that you want to create. 

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