Are YOU in a Belief TRAP?

Written by John Schaser       12-20-14

   If you don't question your idealisms you will never consciously evolve as a human being. 

   I want you to really think about the things you call beliefs. Sit down somewhere and really think hard about it. Ask basic questions like; why am I democrate/republican, why am I Christian, why do I not like this or that type of person, why do I think college is the answer, and so on...

   We go throughout life not questioning what we think are our beliefs. Practically 90% of our idealisms are inherited from our parents. We do not realize this because we get tricked into believing that they are "our own." But are they really?

   The reason I advocate questioning things around you especially yourself is to help break down the ego and have the ability to perceive the world with a different vision. If someone asks themselves a question like I mentioned above, they can practically track the answer to that question all of the way back to their grandparent's thoughts and beliefs. It's all inherited and the problem with that is a prolonged evolution of thought. 

   If grandparents have a belief and passed it to their kids, then your parents pass it to you. That belief hasn't changed and has become an old way of thinking. So by keeping these old beliefs, we are holding ourselves back from truly expanding the conscious and thinking of new ideas. 


   Right now we all live in one of the most historical periods of time, the communication revolution. In our culture today, thoughts, idea, and beliefs can be spread instantly through social media. Never before was anything like this possible. This new way of communication is the key to breaking the habit of habitual inherited belief traps. 

   So go ahead, connect with others. Question your beliefs and thoughts, and see which are truly "your own." By doing so you are creating a revolution of the mind and conscious. 

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