Why you will never look at butter the same

Written by John Schaser        12-30-14

My experiment with buttered coffee

   On my typical morning I get up around 5:30a.m, do some sun salutations to loosen up, then go and make a cup of Joe. By now you guys should know that I am an advocate of organic foods, especially coffee. Typically I put half a tablespoon of coconut oil in my cup with some BCAA's and pour some hot ass coffee on top. Then I take a nice bit of grasped butter, toss that into a blender with my coffee and mix it up till it's like a latte... "Whoa whoah whoah, say what? John you're telling me you drink butter, what the hell are you smoking?" Let me explain...

   First off let me blow this stupid myth out of the water... FATS DO NOT MAKE YOU FAT! This idea of fats being bad has been around since the early 90's. Finally in 2014 we realize that we were ass backwards and fats are actually very brain healthy.  So let me give a run down of the benefits of buttered coffee:

  • It contains rich sources of Vitamin A, D, E, and K2
  • Surprisingly it's rich in minerals like manganese, chromium, zinc, copper, and selenium (an antioxidant).
  • It provides omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. 
  • Short and medium chain fatty acids which help immune health, fight micro-organisms, and boosts metabolism. 
  • It contains Linoleic acid (CLA) a compound that fights cancer and helps build muscle and burn fat. 
  • Also hormones that prevent arthritis, and joint stiffness. 

   Now I don't normally advocate anything without testing it on myself. When Troy Casey introduced buttered coffee to me I tested it out for a few weeks (about a month and a half). During this time I lowered my sugar intake and drank a cup of buttered coffee each morning. My results?

  • A clearer mind with zero brain fog.
  • Have the ability to think deeper and more precise.
  • A feeling of being full on fasting days.
  • Overall a heightened sense of brain functions. 

  If you guys feel tempted to give it a shot go for it. Go and pick up some Kerrygold Non salted grass fed butter, get some organic coffee, organic coconut oil, and give it a taste. Test it for a month or even 67 days (length of time it take for new habits to form) and leave some comments below of how you feel and what you think. 

   If you guys want to see how I make my buttered coffee then just leave a comment below, tweet, message, email, or use smoke signals I don't care, and I'll make a video for you. 

-John D. Schaser