When Elephants Fight...

Written by John Schaser        12-5-14

   Yesterday after picking up some groceries I grabbed an drink on my way out. I sat in my car and got all situated before driving away. I picked my drink up and popped off the lid, little did I known there was a little message inside. Before you say anything let me clarify that it wasn't a Snapple fact. But the quote in this lid really stood out to me and said, "When elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers."

   After reading the lid I was thought to myself, "yea that makes sense, Elephants are pretty heavy." But as you should all know whenever I ponder over a thought or quote I really enjoy diving into it. 


    Whenever there is an action there is an equivalent reaction. This is the phrase that I applied to the quote to have it make more sense for anyone who doesn't get it. The elephants are like humans, we do things naturally but we do not pay attention to the consequences that are later revealed. Many of the actions that are taken place everyday by people may not seem harmful to anyone, but remember there is always a reaction. Sadly in most of the cases it's nature that suffers from our daily habits. Just as the elephants fight and harm the grass, humans fight for power and wealth, and it's nature that suffers. The BP oil spill can represent a great example. A company creates these big pipes to transport oil underwater from places miles apart from each other. This fight to create a pipeline and create more revenue is the same fight for power and wealth that we all chase after. The consequences of that fight for power led to hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil to flood into the Gulf of Mexico killing many species that live in that habitat. Since man wanted more money and power, mother nature is the one suffers the most. 

   What I'm really trying to get across is to be wise about your actions, because the reaction may hurt another person or thing without you even knowing it. Apply this to help preserve nature by focusing on the little things  like picking up trash or even driving a little less. Just how big actions cause big reactions, small actions will cause other small reactions. But small reactions can start a trend that can spread to create more and more small actions creating a positive outcome. 

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