Too much Stress got your nuts tight?


   Now that the new college semester is about to begin many people like you are probably stressing out pretty badly. Now if you are out of college this post can still benefit you because who doesn't have a stressful day once in a while? 

   I have been doing some mad research lately. I apologize for my lack of blog posts but I assure you all my hard work is being put to good use! What I've been working on is an ebook, guided meditations, and quick tips ebook. It's been taking me a few weeks but now it's finally done! 

    What I want to cover in this post is something that I practice whenever I get stressed out. Meditation is a really powerful way to heal the body and alleviate stress. Now I know most of you are probably thinking I'm crazy. That's the problem when it comes to meditation, many people feel stupid or think others will judge them if they try meditating. So let me try to convince you to meditate with some logic.

Check out these two links and try to tell me that Meditation doesn't sound interesting...

Studies have shown that even after meditation, individuals still have a decrease in amygdala activity in the brain. The amygdala is the most primitive part of our brain and causes our fight or flight response. So when this part of the brain is less active you won't body won't be stressed frequently, keeping stress in the body and mind very low. Check the link below if ya like. (

Besides calming down the amygdala, team of researchers from UCLA discovered that meditation causes permanent reconstruction of the brain! This over time can cause you to feel happier, calmer, and focused. (NCBI).


   "You're trying to tell me that sitting and being quiet for a few minutes a day can rewire ma noggin?!"

The answer to that question is yes. So why not attempt meditation and give it a try?

If you guys want to check out my ebook send me a message though Facebook or an email. I will be giving a few away for FREE so you guys can try it out!

The offer is short so take advantage of it while you can.

-John D. Schaser