The Art of Giving Up...


 Now I know the title of this blog post itself is pretty intimidating. "The Art of Giving Up? What the hell man I thought you were Mr. Upbeat and anti-negative thoughts!?" 

Before I I continue the title of this post is just to grab your attention. Sooo if you're reading this GOTCHA BITCH!..Ok seriously, many of us give up way too easily in life. From learning how to ride a tricycle as a kid, to trying to make your passion into a reality as an adult. We all face that big scary brick wall that seems to always be in our way whenever we attempt to accomplish something. 

There's only a few ways to truly bust through that brick wall; a bulldozer, dynamite, or you can practice pole vaulting and attempt to hurdle that shit. At a certain point after trying harder and harder, getting through that wall may seem a bit impossible. But what if right on the other side of the brick wall was everything that you dreamed. Wouldn't you try your hardest to beat the shit out of it and break on through to the other side? (P.S that was definitely a doors lyric haha).  

Let me tell this little story that I came across while reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. mhhhhmmm...

  So this guy named R. U. Darby and his Uncle were hit by gold fever and were the few of many that headed out west during the gold rush. They borrowed money from family in Maryland and headed to Colorado and began mining for gold. At one point they had one of the richest mines in the state. But suddenly they came across a problem. The vein of gold disappeared. They kept drilling desperately to find more gold, then after a while of drilling they just quit. They sold their equipment and headed back east. The junk man who bought the drills off of them visited the Darby's abandoned mine along with an engineer. Basically the engineer found that if the Darby's just drilled another 3 ft deeper they would have hit a plethora of gold! In the end the junk man made millions of dollars from ore while the Darby's gave up too soon. 


So what's the moral of this story?

 Don't give up too easily because you never know how close you might actually be to your dreams or goals. 

-John D. Schaser