Are You ever slump throughout your day?

   HEY YOU, put down that 24oz coffee, because I have the solution to your brain numbing problems. That thing that's always in your hand may be poisoning you without you even knowing it. Besides hurting your ability to make babies, your cell phone and other electronics are secretly poisoning your body. 

   Positive Ion poisoning has been an overlooked problem by many people, even doctors. Have you ever wondered why you constantly feel fatigued, unfocused, and surviving off of caffeine? It's because your body is low in Negative ions and high in Positive ions. 

   First let me explain how these invisible ions affect you. Picture when someone sneezes and doesn't cover their mouth, and in the air all you see are tiny germs, snot, and saliva floating in the air as a gross mist. Ions are like those sneeze particles, but even smaller. They are microscopic and carry electric charges in the air. Basically the world is like a giant generator and all living things, even us monkeys, are bio-electric in nature. 

      Walks on the beach fill you with negative ions

      Walks on the beach fill you with negative ions

   There are two types of ions, Positive, and Negative. Too many Positive ions rob us from good senses, while Negative ions enhance our mood and stimulate our senses. Ever wonder why a long walk on the beach makes you feel great and recharged? Well that's because the ocean and earth produce high amounts of Negative ions. The Negative ions are like a massage for your brain. They increase oxygen flow to the brain, which results in higher alertness, increased mental energy, and decreased drowsiness.  Just so we are on the same page...

Negative ions = good      Positive ions = not so good

   "So John how do I get a bunch of Negative ions into my body?" Well you can spend $150.00 on an earthing mat that may not even work. Or for FREE you can just get outdoors and spend some time in nature. If you limit the amount of time you spend near electronics and increase your time in nature, I guarantee you will begin to feel many positive effects. 

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(Reference- Fayatteville State University)

-John D. Schaser