A Goal of Despair

   From personal experience I can say that being healthy is a great game changer for experiencing this life. Yet an individual can spend all their time on the pursuit of better health and short come themselves. They can have the body of a Greek god, but it will not bring  them satisfaction if they do not have anyone to enjoy it with. Growing up I was always healthy, strict, and followed the goal I had set in my mind.  The only downfall was that when reached my goal I had no one to celebrate it with. I grew up struggling with social anxiety and even though my physical health was on point, my social health wasn't.

    What I am trying to say is do not neglect other aspects of your life.  Look beyond the physical appearances and make sure you address all areas of a healthy life. Mental health, brain health, and social health, are all key examples. Even though it sounds like common sense many people will let this advice go over their head. Just remember this, there is nothing worse than reaching a health goal and being alone. 

-John D Schaser