The Blindness of Stupidity

   It amazes me how dumb humans can be at times.  If we are the so called"most advanced species" on this planet why is it so hard to understand one another? 

   This question arose from a flashback of my days in high school. Back then I was extremely shy, honestly I'm surprised I didn't word people out. One thing that always annoyed me was how naive other classmates were to the human psychology.  It's like they never understood what it ment t be introvert, or to suffer from social anxiety.  The most common remark I would receive from others were dumb questions like,  "why are you so quiet?" Even I back then didn't fully graspthe concept that everyone's psychology is a bit different.  Yet it made me very confused and wondering what must be wrong with me.  This then led on to a cycle of pain, depression,  and at times distancing myself from others.  All just because I didn't feel that I could belong and that I was just fucked from ever being social.  

   No one should ever go through this struggle. Especially in the day and age which we live in now.  If you are reading this you are not alone.  Many others have lived this experience and have pushed through. Hell if can change my psyche for the better then so can you.  But if you need help I'm here for you.  

   Leave a comment or send an email ( ). The struggle of overcoming personal barriers does not have to be a lonely one.     

-John D Schaser