Journey to the End

   There is not a human in the world who has the capability to predict when their last breath will be taken. We do not know when death will appear at our doorstep, and when our existence on this planet will fade away. The question we should be asking ourselves; have we lived to the fullest potential of our existence on this planet?

    This blog post may be anxiety inducing and problematic to some individuals. At the worst it would cause you to lean back in your chair and contemplate wether your life is worthy tale for others to admire. Some of these ideas are what many individuals avoid due to the pain that could be caused from the ego. Pain of realization that one may not have taken the chances that life randomly offered. Further, one may realize that our culture has tricked us into becoming a pawn of the materialistic machine.

     The question still beckons, have you lived to your fullest potential? Have you really lived not to just purchase things that feed the addicting dopamine rush that follows? The natural drug thats emits instant bliss for a brief minute, yet when that minute ends our bodies crave more. Leaving our happiness to be derived from buying more materialistic objects, more things, more stuff, more shit to clutter and hoard. Materials that we keep and hide almost like pack rats. When someone threatens to take those items from us we will fight as if we were fighting for another human life. 

    Is that really how we should live our last moments if we were to perish at this very second? Every minute, hour, and day that goes by, time is lost. We are always in fear of the future which leaves us to neglect the beauty of the present moment. Many of us are in such peril from regretful experiences of our past that we constantly focus and harp on the pain. This horrible rut of fearing the future and worrying of the past leaves us in a psychotic rut that will bring the human psyche to it’s own demise. Pulling our attention away from realizing that the experience on this planet will end one day for us, and we will inevitably die. 

    Everyone thinks that they are immortal and bound to live forever, at least that is what their ego has tricked them into believing. But if we are not aware of the present, life will slap us in the face when detrimental crisis occur. Trust me, the power behind the motions of life does not give a shit, life can be a real bitch to the naive. Really think deeply, have you made internal happiness within yourself that does not consist upon materialistic items? Happiness that does not derive from just buying shit that momentarily feeds that void within ourselves. If you lived happily and content, and feel good within, then you would not fight dying at this very moment if that is life’s calling. This is only because you will know your existence was worthy to be a notable journey that inspired others. Lessons to live the pursuit of happiness, bravery to reach personal goals, or whatever that natural calling is within yourself. 


    Now not to sound religious, optimistic, or one-sided, but I believe there is something beyond this weird world. Whether it is reincarnation, flashbacks, a simulation, etc, there is some sort of existence or meaning of our journeys that we cannot fathom. Currently we live in an organic world where things live and die in a constant circular motion. We have to look at ourselves and realize our bodies are representations of that cycle. As we age our minds and bodies begin to decay which brings us to realizing this journey of life is not forever.

    One thing that stands strong is our consciousness and our thoughts. Who we are and who we think we are is such a stronger force than the process of aging. A prime example are older individuals who still hold a childish young spirit within themselves. Some look down upon it, but a youthful soul is truly a beautiful thing. It is something we should never let go, because it seems that once we let go of that spirit, once we subdue to culture, we begin to drive ourselves insane. Our main focus then switches to obtaining thin fragile pieces of green paper that hold value to so many. Once we enter the rat race of pursuing money, well that’s when we loose the inner child that enjoyed life. 


    When we are children we not only enjoy life, we embrace it! We are curious and at awe of everything around us, truly seeing the beauty of the world. But when we grow old and that feeling of awe dies off, we are left with a giant hole within ourselves. Then we become numb, non-empathetic, non-curious, non-creative. When we let ourselves become the inevitable empty being that is a modern disease to all culture, there is nothing but a dark future ahead. Many individuals aimlessly float through life not knowing their purpose leaving them to find a meaningless job. A daily task that is just a simple function that anyone can perform. A job where one may become just an interchangeable cog in a machine that will never stop running. Whether you are sick, or not sick, happy or depressed, it does not matter because in the end of the day business is strictly business. The perpetual corporate machine will keep running taking any lost souls along for a brief ride. 

    I doubt the majority of people reading this would want to become just a cog for a corporate machine. Yet when given the opportunity of large stacks of green paper, more 0 digits to add to someone’s bank account, our minds shift. We then fall in love with the idea of buying more shit. To trade in our happiness for chances to show off and peacock our financial success. Is this really the future for man kind that so many ancient philosophers would have imagined?

    My final thoughts are this, do not loose your inner child. Live in awe, enjoy the present, remember that past may have regretful moments but view them as learning experiences. Do not fall victim and become a slave to a hated job just for the pursuit of material objects. Find your passion that will help others in man kind. Once we embrace the present and love everything around us, then when the moment comes, and our final breath is near, we will be very content and pass on through to whatever lies ahead. 

-John D Schaser