Can Humans Truly Escape Culture?

   In Civilization and it's discontent Sigmund Freud speaks about how humans will never subdue to nature. Yet since we are organisms and a part of nature, there is no way of getting around death. It's natural, and as much as we fight it, nature always laughs last. Many people attempt to fight nature with modern culture and they find themselves in situations of immense misery. Which leaves them attempting to escape culture and revert back to nature to be free of unhappiness and misery.

  So the question is can humans truly escape culture?

   According to Freud it's nearly impossible. Many people blame civilization and culture for our misery and think they would be much happier if we were to give it up and go back to primitive conditions. But no matter what we will always have to guard ourselves against the menaces of human distress. This still can cause misery and unhappiness since our modern culture is so far unadapted to live in a primitive culture. Most of us are no longer capable of killing our own food or surviving from the land because modern culture has created so many crutches for us. Living in primitive conditions may cause happiness if the individual is well suited to survive easily. If not, then escaping a modern civilization or culture in search for happiness may only cause more misery. Only cultures who are well suited to survive in these habitats will live happy lives. 


-John D. Schaser