Having A Bad Day? What if it just Restarted?

Ground Hog Day 2015

  Having a bad day? What if today never ended, yet it just restarted all over again after you fell asleep? 

  Ground hogs day always reminds me of a funny movie I used to always watch with Bill Murray. For those of you familiar with the movie the main character of the story ends up repeating the same day over and over again. Now I know this movie plot is pretty played out and cliche, but lets take a second and really think what life would be like if you were thrown into that situation. 

   Would you party it up, drink all night waking up with no hangovers? Or would you fuck shit up and do things that would normally get you arrested? Or would you do something that normally scares you, but its something that you always dreamed about so you just go for it?

   Now I have nothing against hell-raising and having fun, but I really hope that last question is the one that you would pick. So here begs the question; why is it that we only take chances when we know that the consequences, fears, or pain will all disappear?

9 times out of 10 if there was no fear or pain involved, people would be doing whatever the hell they want and follow all their hopes and dreams... Yet FEAR is a mother fucker.. and if you let her captivate you, well... then you're fucked. 

Theres two things that will make you regret not living life: 1. Living in Fear and 2. Not taking chances to reach the unknown

   When I say the unknown I'm talking about your dreams and where they might lead you in the future. Like what Seneca says, "The Future is doubtful, but the past is certain." The only things that are set in stone in life is the past. You can breathe easy now knowing that will never change...until time travel becomes as common as iPhones. Never-the-less, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS. So why be scared of it? I say embrace the shit out of the future and see what surprises are hidden within it. Now I realize I'm on a bit of a rant but I'm trying to get you pepped up! Just like the coaches at the Super Bowl yesterday - which really had not funny commercials. 

   My final thoughts are this:

  • Treat your life like the movie Ground Hog Day - Live without fear and pain holding you back from what you want to accomplish in life. 
  • Don't be afraid of the future. Treat it like a lazy river at the water park. Hop in and just see where it will take you. 
  • Watch the movie it might teach you something...you never know haha - Happy Ground Hogs Day!

-John D. Schaser