Subconscious Stress and What May Secretly Kill You

If this statement is true shouldn't you listen to you subconscious more frequently?

   Our subconscious is a very powerful part of our mind. It makes decisions before your conscious mind is aware, yet we tend to be oblivious of this part of the mind. The main method I use to indicate decisions made by my subconscious is through body language. Now so many people ignore body language and it amazes me how many more don't even know what it involves. C'mon if we're living in 2015 people gotta start paying attention or either read a book for that matter. 

   Body language is very important in telling how a person is feeling or what they may be thinking. Simple example for you! Think of that feeling you get just before you're about to cry. Your chin starts to quiver and reveals the details in your chin, your face makes a weird frown as you try you best to fight it, and your eyes slowly fill up with tears up till the point where your sight is blurry. That feeling happens to all of us and it is a natural form of body language that indicates that we are upset. 

   So you may be asking; "what does crying and body language have to do with me possibly dying?"

   BUMMM BA BUM BUM! The secret answer has to do with none other...STRESS! Yes stress in fact will kill you, or cause your health to be so bad that you are on the verge of death. There's many nasty and negative aspects of stress and I will explain them in another blog post. What I am trying to get across here is that you may be suffering from "subconscious stress" which is when you are undergoing stress yet your conscious mind is unaware of it. Sounds freaky right?..Now this is getting juicy!

   "Whoah whoah whoah! So if I'm stressed and my conscious mind ain't aware of it den what do I do ehh?"

   To find if your body is undergoing subconscious stress you will need to pay attention to your own body language. As I mentioned earlier many people are totally unaware of subconscious body language and believe that they control all of their actions. If your are a sole believer of this thought let me ask you this...Do you control when your body digests food or has to shit? The answer is no obviously, so your body does things that you are not paying attention to. 

   Common forms of body language that indicate your body is undergoing stress:

  • The Blowfish: This sounds so silly yet you will catch yourself doing this throughout the day. Basically is it when your body takes in a deep breath and slowly exhales filling your cheeks up with air as you slowly blow out. Most times when we are under stress we begin to take shallow breathes. So the body takes a deep breathe in order to relief the stress and to get more oxygen in the body. 
  • Excessive Yawning: Sometimes under stress the body yawns in order to take a deep breath and rehydrate the mouth with saliva. When stressed or having anxiety the mouth gets dry. Yawning puts pressure on the salivary glands and release moisture back into the mouth (Joe Navarro).
  • Neck Touching: This is a pacifying movement that we perform when under stress. It is a simple stress reliever that the body uses just like how a baby stops crying after they get their pacifier to suck on. Basically any form of touching the neck indicates anxiety or stress. 
  • Interlocked Fingers or Hand Rubbing:  This is a form of body language that many FBI agents use to indicate whether someone is undergoing distress during a trial. Interlocking the fingers is a sign of stress, distress, or anxiety. 
  • Lip Hiding & Lip Licking:  When someone pulls their lips in till the point where they are non-visible, it indicates they are under stress. Licking of the lips is also and very common  tell. 

  So there you have it! If you pay attention to your body you will definitely notice these forms of body language. Use them to decipher if your body is undergoing subconscious stress quickly find out what may be causing your stress in the first place. 

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-John D. Schaser