Let it Sit, Let it Break

   The more I take a big picture look at society and how humans act, I begin to realize how far off track we have become from our animal instincts. What I mean by that is humans are more distanced now than ever from their roots in nature.

   Ever stop and look down at your feet and realize how weird it is for us to wear these big clunky rubber and leather bound objects called shoes. Now don't get me wrong I don't like stepping on sharp objects or cold ass pavement barefoot. I love wearing shoes when placed in those conditions. But when we truly wrap our minds around the concept it seems a little silly, almost like we have created a crutch for ourselves. 

   Most of the time when we look around everyone is complaining their back hurts, their feet hurt, or their neck hurts all that to revert to even more crutches. When we stop and think about it, many of the things we use daily throw off our bodies natural functions. Theres a reason our feet have arches or that our backs has an arch in it. But the problem is when we create these crutches it causes our bodies to slowly loose it's functions. For example if an individual works a desk job all day and does nothing but sits in a chair, they will slowly begin to loose the musculature of their hamstrings and glutes. This is no different when old people at senior citizen homes can barely walk because all they do is sit in a wheelchair for days in and days out.

   Hey if you don't use it you loose it. That is pretty true in this case. But what I call it is; let it sit,  let it break. If a person does not move around frequently throughout their day as they age, they will become still like a board. Don't believe me, ask someone you know right now in their 40's or 50's to bend over legs straight and touch their toes. Maybe 1 in 20 of them would actually be able to do it properly. When our bodies don't move or stretch they will become inflexible and stiff, and what happens to things that are stiff? They break! Try this little experiment as a visual example of what I'm talking about. Take two rubber bands. With One rubber band stretch it as far as it goes till it breaks. Then take the next rubber band, but first warm it up slowly by stretching it in small increments. As the experiment goes on the second rubber band will be less likely to break and will stretch further. This example goes for our bodies too! If we are too stiff our bodies will break which will cause an injury. Yet if our bodies are loose then we will avoid breaking. 

   But as our culture becomes more complex and as more jobs become more common on computers, how will people ever get the chance to move around? I feel in the near future humans will have so many crutches that they won't need to do a damn thing. Pretty much we'll look like the humans living on the space craft in the movie Wall-E. Which makes me ask the question...

Are Humans evolving to become less evolved?

   Humans have evolved from weak little monkeys, to strong hunter and gatherers, then to what we are today. Yes we are stronger than any paleolithic human in the past, yet I do not think we are becoming tougher. So what is the reason that I am dishing out this wisdom? Well I don't want to live in a future where everyone has become a big pussy. People can barely handle the cold, more or less walking around on rough ground barefoot. So how do we fix this?

   My advice is to find ways of bringing back the toughness of the paleolithic humans mixed with more flexibility. If it is loose, it isn't gonna break. So go ahead, stand up and stretch once in a while and just move around a bit. Get in the habit of constantly moving around and engaging various parts of the body. Get tough by becoming exposed to more cold temperatures and walk barefoot once in a while and break in those feet. In the end all of these small methods can get us humans back into becoming tough dominant animals we once were. Theres no point of having a big brain when your body is too weak. 


-John D. Schaser