Have Gas? Bet You're Happy

   Throughout life we all search and strive for the pursuit of happiness. Whether it be a job, family, car, or significant other, we as humans always tend to lack externally to find the things that make us happy. But what if to truly find happiness we need to begin looking internally. Interception is a form of sensory perception that focuses on the feelings that occur within the body that focuses on the feelings that occur within the body. This involves things like heartbeat, gas, shortness of breath, hunger, and thirst. Now it probably doesn't make sense if I would be happier if I was aware my body was gassy. But let me explain....

   Researchers have shown that individuals who are more acute to introspective awareness experience stronger emotional arousal, and have better control over their negative emotions. As for individuals who have low interception awareness, they are more likely to suffer from depression and experience less intense positive emotions in life (Psychology Today). 

  As we all know when someone thinks shitty, they feel shitty, and vice versa. Our bodies and emotions are more related than one may think. So how should someone take advantage of interception? Easy, be aware of your body! Take some moments throughout the day and give attention to various parts of the body. Focus on the feelings within it like the heartbeat. Feel parts of the body and become aware of any odd pains or tense areas. The more an individual becomes aware of their body the more it will improve their mood. Give it a try and see how it goes for you! If you have any interesting experiences with practicing introspective awareness leave a comment below and  let us know what you think. 


-John D. Schaser