Why I...

We all have had moments in our lives when we look at ourselves in an introspective manner and ask why....

Why am I doing this? Why am I here? Why should I care? Why do I even try?

   No matter how strong a person's will power can be, there will come a point in time when they evaluate what they are doing and ask why. For me I have fought this battle many times in my own mind. Hell, sometimes when I create these blog posts I sit back and ask myself why am I even writing to an infinite audience of internet users. Who knows if anyone would actually take the time to even read what I have to say. But as my negative thought becomes analyzed, I know that I am doing something that helps me express who I am. I find beauty in the tech savvy world in which we reside. We live in a period of time where anyone can express themselves and show who they are without any repercussions. Even if only two people read this post, at least I expressed myself and possibly helped them. 

Here is my message to you

   Don't let the waves of negative thoughts crash over your levee of passion and will power. There will be many occasions when we have to face the daunting questions that we ask ourselves. When this occurs, breath deep, and remember the passion that sparked the imagination and path which you choose to take. Sometimes we become so caught up in the fight for success that we forget what made us want to begin the fight in the first place. Don't be one of those people. Keep your vision throughout anything you do and it will in return help answer the "why" questions when they arise. 


-John D. Schaser