Love & Cocaine

    This is a long story that all started when I went down to Miami to pick up a special package. There were these friendly cubans in a giant warehouse on the east side of town. They had the usual, body guards, machine guns, special code words to enter. You're probably wondering what kind of special package I'm talking about.....Yep a package of 100% pure, solid,.... cuban coffee. Ha! I bet you thought I was gonna say cocaine. But the true question, is there a connection between love & that white powder that Scar Face can't get enough of? 

   The other day when I was reading "Change Your Brain Change Your Life," by Daniel Amen, (good book by the way), I found an interesting paragraph that talks about the basal ganglia. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, the basal ganglia is the part of the brain that is known to be involved in pleasure control loops.  These pleasure loops involve dumping dopamine into the basal ganglia area of the brain. Since Cocaine is such a powerful enhancer of dopamine in the brain, it causes the basal ganglia to create compulsive desires for the drug after it wears off.

   Now here's the kicker, it's not exactly the cocaine that inhibits the desire to get high, it is the rush of dopamine that gets released within the brain. By this point you're probably getting flashbacks of falling asleep during boring high school psychology lectures...  

WAKE UP! This is when shit gets juicy! 

  Further in the book the author came across a test where an individual undergone a brain scan after returning from a date. Apparently his date went well and he felt he was in love with the woman. The results? His brain scan looked as if he just snorted a bunch of cocaine. "Both the left and right basal ganglia was very intense, almost to the point of resembling seizure activity."(pg.87)....Who knows maybe he got laid...Yet it's true

    Love is a drug

   If a brain that is in "love," has as much dopamine and basal ganglia activity as a daily cocaine user, then that's proof that love is powerful. So does this mean that we are in love for the physical connection with another human being, or do we pursue love just to fill that dopamine drug-like rush? 




-John D. Schaser