Shake It Up

   When we get comfortable in life we begin to plateau & loose interest on constantly improving ourselves. 

   Whether it is in relationships, exercising, or pushing towards a career or future that we want, sometimes humans get comfortable and stop pushing forward. Once we reach this point of achievement that we strived so much for, we look around and begin to relax. There is nothing there but to settle and reap the benefits of what has been received.

Picture climbing a mountain. A person is pushing themselves to achieve the victory of getting what they want, to reach the peak of the mountain. Once up there the person may look around, take a seat, and become comfortable of what they have done. They are becoming comfortable with their accomplishment and do not feel the need to keep climbing. 

   This is a huge problem!

   If we do not search for the next challenge or next adventure, we will loose the passion that we once had. I believe that life needs to be shaken up. We need to constantly be searching for things that challenge our being. If not we may loose the thing that we once fought so much towards.  For example with exercising, if someone keeps the same workout regiment for a year they will plateau and will become bored. Their gains will slow down and they might loose the passion of achieving a healthier life. Yet if they constantly mix up their workouts and keep it interesting then that passion will stay alive. 

It's cliche but true..

   "You don't know what you got till it's gone" When we become comfortable we loose the things that we take for granted. We stop seeing a challenge and let life pass by...I say fuck that. Keep shaking things up in life and create new challenges. If there is no variety in life it becomes boring and no one wants to live a boring life. If you feel like you are getting comfortable don't let it get so far that you loose the spark of keeping life interesting. Like what Joe Rogan says, "Be the hero of your own movie." Would the hero of a movie just get comfortable and stop moving forward? No they would kick down door waving a four-four (Biggie reference), and kick ass in life. 

   Keep your life interesting and don't get comfortable. Appreciate loved ones, friends, and your accomplishments and be grateful. There will be a day when its all gone, so enjoy life and shake it up. 


-John D. Schaser