Breathe Damn It!

   Ever have that feeling of constant stress? No matter how relaxed the setting, or distanced from technology, your body has this constant nagging feeling of tension and stress. This can bring anyone to the brink of insanity. Who the hell wants to feel like they could never relax even when work is out of the picture? 

So what causes this monstrous stress?

  • Diet? Nah 
  • Sex life? Ehhh 
  • That double shot espresso concoction from starbucks? Possibly

    What if I said it was all in your lungs. Yep it's as simple as breathing.

   "Well duh. If we don't breath we gonna die! Then that will getcha all stressed...right?" Good try but not exactly. Just like how what we think we become, how we breath is how we feel. Stay with me, shit is getting juicy, just like a fresh stick of juicy fruit! 

   Panic breathing is a breathing pattern that many modern homosapiens are guilty of performing. Basically it's when we breath very shallow, almost to the point of panting like a K9. Now this form of breathing is fine...if you're a dog. But for human beings we function optimally by breathing deep into our pelvic floor (the area near your junk). 

So why is shallow "Panic Breathing" so bad?

   Shallow breathing is a negative breathing pattern because it tricks our brains into thinking we are in a panic state. Though parts of the brain are very complex and smart, other areas resemble that of a caveman. Yep I'm talking about our reptilian brain (limbic system), the area that holds onto all of our primal roots and survival mechanisms. When a person breaths shallow (imagine just breathing into the upper chest) it simulates how we would breath in a fight or flight situation. When this occurs the brain thinks that the body is in danger and is undergoing loads of stress. 

   In the end this unbalances hormonal levels, raises cortisol, and impacts the adrenals. If someone is constantly breathing shallow the body will be functioning in a constant state of stress. Over time this will wear down the body and cause neurotic holding patterns within the chest and abdomen. 

   I hope by now you're pretty mind fucked

  Now let's talk on how to fix this shit and turn panic breathing into deep diaphragmatic breathing. For those who suffer from neurotic holding patterns in the chest and belly listen closely and take my advice. 

Build A Bio-energetic Stool!

    This bad puppy will improve deep breathing, it will break up neurotic holding patterns, help back flexibility, & makes as a very stylish piece of furniture. So here's what ya need. 


  • Short Bar Stool 
  • Bungie Cords or Bands
  • Wire Ties 
  • Wooden Dowel or Broomstick 
  • Foam roller 
  • Scissors 

  How to use it is simple:

  • Slowly squat down and hold onto the wooden dowel to keep balance. 
  • Lean back and position the foam roller around the bottom of the shoulder blades with hands above head. 
  • Open your mouth wide and begin to breathe deep through the mouth. 
  • *KEY NOTE: Relax the stomach and let it move with your breathes. Most of the time we keep our stomachs tight which makes it harder to really breath deeply. 

After practicing deep breathing on the stool you should notice your body feeling more open and relaxed. Plus your posture should also improve! From here breathing deep will become a second nature nature habit. 

The end results?

  • Balanced Hormones
  • Low Cortisol 
  • Great Posture
  • A decrease in neurotic holding patterns
  • & a relaxed body. 

   Try it out and let me know how you feel after trying the stool and how much it has improved your deep breathing! A lot of this information comes from various sources, the two individuals I will give the most credit to is Elliot Hulse & Steve Maxwell.


-John D. Schaser