Grounded Underwater

Holy shit... this is way over due  :o

   Sorry for the delay and lack of consistency in my blogging. Lately I have been massively busy working on videos with Timmy and working on all kinds of new ideas for upcoming projects. If you want a glimpse of what we are doing check out Timmy's update video!

 But there comes a point when we run our batteries on 10% for way too long. 

  That is why I took a quick vacation to Florida to work on myself, meditate, mend, and write. Now I know you're thinking... Florida, really? The land of old people and Micky Mouse? Yes Florida was my get away and I loved every minute of being on the west coast, chilling on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. 

   One day at Nokomis beach I was free diving for some sand dollars, shark teeth, and whatever other cool things I could find. When I was at the bottom of the Gulf's floor I looked up and saw clouds and the blue sky through the shimmer of the crystal clear water. It created a barrier between two different worlds. The surface which we live on and this other world that we can only experience if we either; A. hold our breath or, B. get an oxygen tank & diving equipment. 

   I love being underwater because it's an experience like no other. Just like being out in nature it doesn't give a fuck if we're there or not, it will keep doing what it has been for thousands of years. It's terrifying yet humbling, I almost use this feeling as a means of grounding myself and understanding my place in this world.  

  Sometimes...shit pretty much 90% of the time we are all stuck in our own minds and don't pay attention to our surroundings let alone our bodies. In addition to social media inflating our egos like birthday balloons, we really tend to think we're alpha beings who are the most important things in this world. That is why I recommend going out in nature or beneath the ocean's surface. It grounds us, and reveals that mother nature doesn't give a shit if you're there or not, she's gonna keep on doing what she does best despite how we feel. Give it a shot and realize you're not the center of the universe and the world doesn't revolve around you. It will help you perceive the world and surroundings in a different way. 


-John D. Schaser