Shooting for Attention

Love is a drug that we cannot stop shooting up. 

    Whenever humans first fall in love or get into a relationship they are never really fazed by it at first. But slowly as the relationship grows closer and we become more invested into our “significant other,” so does our need for attention. 

   Almost everyone has experienced this situation sometime within their love life. Lying on the floor relaxing, while your partner lays on top of you, feeding one soft kiss after the other. Little do we realize (because we are in “love”) the reward system within our limbic brain starts getting a giant erection. I’m just kidding about the erection part, but could you even imagine a brain getting an erection? Anyways back to the topic at hand. Each one of those kisses is like a little hit of heroin causing our brain’s to slowly become in love with the feeling of attention. 


*WARNING* Once you get in deep it’s hard to live without that constant attention loop feeding your brain. Side effects may include neediness, anger, and depression.

Ruben - The Relationship Non Guru, good friend, & certified badass

Ruben - The Relationship Non Guru, good friend, & certified badass

   So what should a human do if they are addicted to affection from their significant other after they can no longer pursue them due to a break up? Well don’t take my advice on it. If you are in this type of situation and need good honest relationship advice, go check out my good buddy Ruben at



-John D. Schaser