The Loss of Awe

Life is pretty beautiful…

    “Hmm yet another cliche quote that hasn’t been said a thousand times over. Nice one John,” says pessimistic alter ego John to himself. (and no I’m not crazy). 

    But like I always say, cliche quotes are truly the best. If something is repeated so much to the point that it becomes repetitive, then that’s a good indication its a good piece of advice. Yet so many of us ignore it. 

Great phone back in the day...

Great phone back in the day...

    To me that is a huge feature amongst human beings. We become bored,adapted, and unimpressed by things very quickly. For example; remember cell phones like the LG Envy, the one that had the limited front touch screen and slide out keyboard. When that phone came out people were so stoked to finally have something touch screen that can fit in their pocket. Now fast forward years later, we all have super advanced touch screen smart phones in our pockets all the time! So do we think that touch screens are still the pinnacle of amazement? 

    “Hmm nah..still ain’t indestructible!” 

    The same way we become immune to the awes of touch screen phones, is how we view a number of things in daily life, just like my cliche quote. So what is my tip of advice? Sit back and take a few minutes out of the day to ground oneself. Think about all of your surroundings in deep detail and imagine the complexity of it all. This will make many individuals come back to realize how crazy shit is in the world we live in. So be present and enjoy the little things. If not we’ll never notice them until we start pulling our heads out of our asses just once in a while.


-John D. Schaser