The Crossover

“Whoa man, you wanna hear something trippy?” 
“Yea man what is it?”
“We are becoming the aliens that past generations imagined.” 

     An idea that sounded like a scene from a Cheech and Chong movie, is something I thought of while taking a shower. With the expansion of the internet human beings are becoming more intelligent than ever before. Just an hour on the internet we are able to learn far more than any past generations could dream about. Which makes me wonder if this is the breaking point for human kind? Will we cross over to a new way of thinking and living our lives due to the vast amount of data we are exposed to? As the internet grows so does our knowledge and thoughts processes. If we stay on this path of constant growth, it doesn't sound too far fetched that we are going to slowly transcend into “alien” like beings within the future. 


   Sadly what is holding some of us back?  All of us can freely hop on a computer and begin the learning journey today. Yet many people will not take advantage of this miracle of an opportunity. So will this begin the process of genetically modified humans? We will only just breed with humans of the same journey of knowledge while others will be left in the dust?Learning just enough to “get by?” Maybe then the future will look like an old 50’s style alien movie. The humans set to improve will become super intelligent “alien” like beings while the rest, well they stagnant and stay normal. 

   Challenge yourself and attempt to soak up all the knowledge that the internet bestowsupon us. Push forth and don’t let others hold you back from becoming a super intelligent being.



-John D. Schaser