Destroying the Human Framework

   Articles like these I hate ( One they mislead people into thinking a low fat diet is best and low carb diet is bad. What uneducated individuals need to know are the basics of marco-nutrients, calories, & how each body type is effected by them differently. The biggest mistake people make are they think carbs are carbs, fats are fats, protein is protein, & calories are calories. This is bad because they don’t understand the underlining principle of dieting which (besides loosing weight) is the quality of food you ingest. Not all marcos and calories are created equal, so why receive them from poor sources?

   We need to teach people the framework of dieting and how foods affect the body. What many people don’t know is that when your intake carbs throughout the day your insulin levels are high which causes natural growth hormone levels to be low. Growth hormones are what help the body repair itself. In our modern society between constant stress, fatigue, & hidden sugar in majority of processed foods many people consume, our bodies are not given enough time to heal themselves. Which in a state of low natural growth hormones, leaves us breaking down our bodies more than repairing them. For the mass majority, of whom do not get an adequate amount of sleep at night, suffer from low growth hormone levels constantly.

    Now I’m not saying “to hell with carbs,” (b/c we need as a part of our diet) what I am trying to convey is that we need to be more conscious of what goes into our bodies & at what times. 


-John D. Schaser