Lies of Loneliness

    Many times we all get a little lonely…for some more than others. The funny thing is what deciphers the actual feeling of loneliness? The technical definition of loneliness is, “sadness because one has no friends or company.” Sounds like a pretty accurate statement, but what if we put a little spin on that. 

    We only think that loneliness brings on sadness because it is what we are taught by others. When we are kids, we are not aware of the definition of the word lonely, hell we hardly understand the feeling at that age.Then who is to say we have to associate it with a feeling of sadness or despair? 

    Feeling lonely does not have to be a sad experience. I only know this first hand because I suffered from it for years. As a kid I was always quiet and shy. At a young age I was prone to the feeling of being lonely & alone. But it was never associated with sad feelings up until adulthood. 

    Adults seem to begin to fall into the mindset of connecting loneliness with sadness when they enter the dating world. Many, many, many people feel or say that they are lonely only because they do not have a significant other to share their life experiences with. This in the end hurts people because they begin to believe life is only better when they are in a relationship.

    Yes I know that human beings are social creatures, who in some circumstances have to depend on one another. Yet we don’t have to depend on others to enjoy this incredible world we live in. My best advice is to first find happiness from within yourself, and understand that life is awesome alone or with others. If life is lived like this then there is no need to fill the “loneliness void” with other people constantly. Own your reality and let others join in, but remember that your experience on this world is great only because you make it that way. So spend a little time alone once in a while to find yourself and clear your mind.

Remember there is nothing wrong with being lonely. Words may have strict definitions, but it doesn’t mean you have to follow by them.


-John D. Schaser