A World So Connected...


    If we live in a world so connected why is it that some of us feel so alone? 


    In an age where we can at any time connect with other through a few taps on a light emitted screen, we still feel unwanted, distanced, & in the dark. In an age so bright with technology, we are still capable of being engulfed by darkness. 

    Don’t just assume that just because others have a device constantly near them, that they never suffer from their tyrant mind. That their thoughts never corrupt their consciousness to a point of self-doubt, self depreciation, or self fed-depression. We cannot go through life assuming things, especially with others. 

    Just take a brief second throughout your day and consider your friends and loved ones. Deeply decipher whether they are happy, or that they may be suffering quietly. Many people feel shame to admit they are in a dark place and don’t wish to feel pity from others. But that is exactly when they need compassion the most. For when this happens it begins a cycle of digging deeper into avoiding others and covering unhappiness with lies. 

    Go the extra mile. Give your loved ones a call, visit, or even a quick chat. You never know when that might pull someone out of their dark mindset. 


-John D. Schaser