Stress like a '69 Chevelle

   Our bodies are made to handle quick busts of stress.  For example, fight or flight responses are natural forms of stress that do not damage our body.  Yet or modern culture is full of many unnatural stressors that have our systems red lining for hours throughout the day. Picture your heart and body as if it was a car motor.  When the car is in neutral you can quickly rev the motor and watch the RPM'S rise and fall without causing damage to the motor.  Now if you place the pedal to the floor and rev the engine till it red lines, either something in the motor will break or it will blow the engine all together. This analogy can be applied to our bodies.  If we"red line" our system constantly, something is bound to give, most likely ending in heart attack or heart failure.  

   Be mindful of your body and become conscious of what situations may elevate stress.  But at the same time don't become overly anal about it.  Like I mentioned earlier, a little stress is natural and healthy,  but an abundance of it can be harmful.  If you would like to learn how to measure stress there's a number of ways to do so.  Leave a comment below and I will create another blog discussing this topic or I'll create a video on it.   


-John D. Schaser