The Cold Hearts of America

 I don't care who you are, male or female. If you never cry you are not Human


   To cry doesn't make you a pussy, it doesn't make you less manly, it just shows that you have an open heart. Why does our culture demonize crying as being weak? Growing up, children reticule each other for even shedding a tear. So we go through our teenage years into adulthood repressing the most essential component of compassion that humans can create. 

   The cold hearts of America hit me spontaneously. It's a pretty cool name right? But in a sad sense it is true in many ways. We grow up perceiving the world as a scary place and that if we are not tough, life will kick our asses around with little remorse. We need to break off the icicles of pain from our hearts and warm it with the love of others, not with fear. By doing so we can understand each other better and focus less on needless shit and more on helping our own human race. 

   Just open your heart to others, understand their struggles and pain. If a tear is shed, let it be, and just know you are a loving, compassionate human being. 


-John D. Schaser