Millenial’s Curse

"We are blind to reality, and we live in this illusive world where we are stuck in our own minds..."

   Depression is not only an illness but an underlying problem within current generations. We are blind to reality, and we live in this illusive world where we are stuck in our own minds. To assume that everyone is fine is idiotic. Many who have suffered from depression do not show their pain, they hide it. The same situation occurs when we become ill. We segregate ourselves from others to not spread what has made us sick. But this natural defense mechanism becomes faulted when our illness is not that of bacteria, but consists of a mental ailment.    

   We have to look at the bigger picture. If we do not address the epidemic of depression then the pattern will continue to emerge more and more. The millennial’s have been curse by modern civilization. The bubble that which we live in is slowly poisoning us, causing many mental ailments. The next nationwide health epidemic in the United States will not be heart disease or obesity, it will become depression. 

   We have to take a step back and view our surroundings and how we live. It is not a fluke that more and more young men and women are suffering from acute depression. We have to realize that we are animals that created a zoo for ourselves. Our homes, vehicles, and careers are self created casts causing us to become dysfunctional. The way we currently live is a self made prison where humans are becoming immobile, over-weight, and depressed. We are de-evolving and becoming weaker as years pass. 

   Future generations rely on the innovative thinkers of today to make a brighter future for man and civilization. Will millennials be the generation that halts this path to man kind’s own demise? To do this we need to change our toxic environments, the way we move, and how we interact with others. Lets start the wildfire of change and address depression in a new way. Solving the root causes and not just treating the superficial symptoms.

John D Schaser