To Live & Die

"The beauty of life and the death of it all just toys with our emotions."

   To be aware that all things will eventually die is daunting. I hear a beautiful bird singing in the distance outside of my window. The sad truth is knowing that one day that bird  will be deceased and it's harmonious songs will be forever forgotten. Life and death is just part of this chaotic world that we dwell in. The beauty of life and the death of it all just toys with our emotions. Like a lost lover, our hearts break whenever we know that our relationship with this existence will one day end.

   Our minds become dams holding back the pressures of life. When reality opens the flood gates it transpires anxiety, sadness, and fear into so many. For some, the stress can become crippling causing envy, regret, and despair to brew inside of their psyche. We tend to grasp this realm with our fingers deeply entrenched into the soil, wanting to never let go of our world, our home. Yet whether we like it or not, the centrifugal forces of life will one day take us away from all that we love.

   So why sit, loathing in hatred, sadness, and angst? Why spend our time bathing in negative emotions where we have the opportunity to embrace the disarray of life? We should not let the stress of reality torture our health and mental clarity. Many worry and aimlessly think and revise thoughts believing that they will discover the secret to avoiding death. Fearing and pondering about life too often will only excel time, bringing us closer to the inevitable.

   My words to you...embrace everything that you may come across in the journey of life. Love your friends and family with all your might. Only because one day, just how the beautiful bird's song will never be heard again, our bodily existence will one day fade away.