Got the itch bitch...being addicted to glass & plastic

Err I got the itch, I can't control it! Got..gott....gotta ch che check my FEED! YES LIKE MY PICTURES! YES SHARE MY SELFIE....YASSSSS!!! 
     Whoah sorry there folks, I lost myself in the hype of social media notifications. In all honestly I react in the opposite manner, mainly whenever I see little numbers next to the app icon on my phone. Yet social media is an addiction that I have not seen like any other. Sit on the thought for a second, it's better than any drug. Theres no cost, no repercussions, it releases dopamine (feel good chemical in the brain). You can (hypothetically) "shoot up" with family, at work, driving, and even a little during the middle of the night.  

    If you compare social media to a drug, it can reallly open one's mind to the craziness of it all. I recently went on a "rehab get-away" to detox my body of the constant phone nagging, posts, and wifi signals. It was a bit weird at first not going to lie. I caught myself grabbing my phone randomly and looking at it when I had no intentions to receive, or make a text or call. I would just look at my phone and see if I received anything, text, call, notification...

 "umm...We got an addict over here..."

    I was on vacation doing this shit! Luckily I was aware of my habit and stopped myself immediately. For the rest of the trip I basically left my phone in the car wherever I went. 

 What did I learn from this experience? 

   I was able to embrace the moment more vividly. I was able to experience life. I was able to feel free from the shackles that I placed upon myself. It felt as if I time traveled back to when cell phones did not exist. A time when people actually spoke to one another and called not to just ask for something but to talk and see how their day was going.

    Take a phone and social media detox and embrace the craziness that is the existance of life. Whether it's for a day or for a whole week. It will be the best thing one can do for their overall happiness and well-being.

"Keep On Keepin' On"

-John D Schaser