Holly Jolly Lie

Remember when christmas was the best day ever? 

   Santa was coming to town and every little kid was stoked to get gifts. Then dropped the santa bomb, the realization that a holly-jolly-chubby-man breaking and entering into houses didn't exist. From then on many consider the childhood lies to be over, especially up into adulthood...right?

   But that would just be too naive. Look at colleges for example who do the worst job of preparing young minds for the real world. Hopes, promises, and pipe dreams of having jobs and earning a wealthy living after graduation. Then drops yet another reality bomb, when young adults realize there are more bills and money taken out of their pockets than there are jobs. 

   Don't go through life being single minded or naive. Think deeply and look at things with optimism. If so, you may encounter another holly jolly lie. 


 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser