A Letter For My Friend

    Hello friend, you son of a bitch.

         It’s hard to put a name to such a faceless beast. All I can conjure up is to name you “Depression.” You have taken me through many ups and downs, similar to a roller coaster except I don’t know how low the drop will take me. I have doubted, cried, and toiled over your haunting stay. Like an unwelcome guest, you not only forget to knock but barge into my residence, my current state of mind. Effecting my emotions and abilities, your fog consumes me causing the simplest feelings of love and compassion to dare not enter. Finally I am writing to face the monster that strategically haunts me. Finally I can say…thank you. 

    In a fluster of confusion and curiosity you may be wondering why I would thank such a heartless monster. My past experiences with depression I have helped me discover my true potential. By being pushed into the darkest parts of my ego I found out who I truly am. I was able to tap into the deepest fragments of my will to push on. I learned how to roll with the pain and utilize the energy in a positive way. Though at times it was incredibly tough, I managed to pull through. Like a teacher hidden within the dark, depression has guided me towards unexpected lessons about life and who I am. Depression has made me into a stronger more empathetic being and I could not thank it more. By suffering from it first hand I can truly understand the pain that many individuals go through. 

    Depression is similar to a journey down a dark forest path. With tress overhanging, the cold fog settling slightly above the ground making it near impossible to see, and the sky is completely black. All that becomes visible is a tiny light in the distance.Imagine the person walking down this dark path is someone suffering from depression and the forest represents their state of mind. Being in complete darkness it would be very tough for that person to find their way out of the forrest. Now image that same individual walking through the dark forest with a bright lantern. Obviously this would make the journey much easier and almost give the individual a sense of safety. That is how we should support those who suffer from depression. Be the lantern that helps light their path. Even though we cannot make the journey for them we can still be the light that shows we care. 

    I know you may be wondering what’s up with all the dark posts lately. Sometimes in dark moments of life I become inspired to write. It’s the positive aspect to a negative occurrence, that from time to time knocks me down. But hey, I keep getting back on my feet and keep on keepin’ on (hell yeah I made a Joe Dirt reference). I like making posts like these for people to understand how lonely we can sometimes feel when depression knocks at our door. I like to bring awareness in my own special way to these dilemmas that we all face from time to time. Even if these posts only help one or two people that’s a giant success in my book. 

Keep on Keepin’ on

- John D. Schaser