Curse of Curiosity

   We are all cursed in a sense, not by some kind of spell or witchcraft but by curiosity. The scientific definition of our species is homo-sapien, which in latin means the wise human. Some individuals go even deeper and call us the homo-sapien-sapien, the one that knows it knows. Yup we’re beginning our decent into the trippy rabbit hole, please fasten your seatbelt as we will begin this blog post with basic scientific terminology, which will follow a rapid drop into ideas that may question life and our existence. If by any chance you are under the influence of any from of psychedelic I please advise you to read with caution. Other than that, lets dive in and go deep. 

    In hindsight, we are the only animals on this planet that knows of it’s existence and “consciousness.” Some may argue and say dolphins should be added to that category, but I’m not here to talk about flipper questioning his life in the ocean. But who knows, that could develop into another trippy blog post. By this point you’re probably wondering why I would call this ability a curse. Well let me tell you a quick story of how this idea blossomed in my cranium.

    Like a true man I was outside collecting wood for a fire on a cold winters evening. True story bro… During this time I was in a bit of a dark thought loop. Aggravated with life, stressed from my studies and work, I was angrily contemplating what it is human beings are doing. If you just sit back and question what is it that all human kind is working towards, the answer begins to get a bit muffled and hard to truly see. Yes we are developing new technologies and enhancing life to make it easier to survive. But is that really it? Just to turn into the inevitable iRobot that has the main focus of money. 

    I have always felt that human kind as a culture has always been lost and uses work, money, and war as a means to occupy time and not confront the big elephant in the room. Why we have a consciousness and why we are here. But I’ll go deeper into that topic in a future post. 

    As I was collecting wood, fed up with my thought loops, I came to a conclusion wishing that we did not have this capability. It leaves us in a jumble of curiosity, frustration, and depression. We try to find our purpose and meaning to decipher what the “big picture” is for mankind. Many scientists, religious oligarchs, and crazy homeless guys yelling “the end is near,” believe they have the answer. But at the end of the day no one truly knows. Feels good right? Not knowing where the fuck man kind is really venturing towards. Like a car driving down a foggy road, man kind can only see so far into the mist before we eventually hit something, that is “if” we ever do. - Insert Twilight Zone theme song - 

    I can keep ranting but I’m temporarily putting this puppy to bed. But don’t let my thoughts or posts give you anxiety, anger, or confusion. They are meant to open your mind to different forms of thought, and just to question things about life. Hope you enjoyed the blog and I will see you again in a few. 

Keep on Keepin’ on