How A Bad Break Up Saved My life

  The title itself sounds pretty daunting. When most people hear a title like that they would assume I was in a horrible car accident, or my significant other sacrificed themself in order for me to survive from hanging off a mountain’s cliff. Nah, this story actuallly has a different spin to it. 
   As we all know break ups are no bueno, and I mean no bueno. But as for anyhting dark there has to be some shed of light. As we all mature we tend to look at times of peril and realize it was beneficial to our lives. Like the begining to any sappy romance movies I was the young, naive, testosterone filled teen who thought he was in “love.” 
   At the time I found my college sweetheart of two years. everything in life was pretty good except for the inevitable. What tends to happen to almost everyone in a relationship is we become comfortable. That nagging threat of feeling that we will be forver alone disapates and we begin to worry about other things. I am not a big proponate of settling for less and I advise many others not to live their lives in that way as well. But what happened to me was change. Over the course of two years I began to evolve. From a fearless, confident, and independent Raichu I de-evoled into a Pichu (Pokemon reference-it’s a Millenials thing). Before I knew it my confidence deminished, my pestimtic thoughts came back, and I began doubting my abilities. 
   By this point I have tottally lost touch with who I orginally was, and all the work I put into building myself up tumbled before me. The only person to blame was me, letting go of who I was and verring off the path of who I am to become. 
If this was a movie this moment would be the climax! 
The young lover had his heart broken and falls down picking up the remrants of what was left!”-See how I got I little poetic there? 
    But what a wise old man with a white beard and jolly belly once told me (no it’s not santa, just my dad), “Not all good things last forever.” That statement is very true, yes I had my fun, but I didn’t enjoy what I changed into. 
That break up saved my life. From it I learned how far away I strayed from my original goals. Now I am working harder then ever and I feel fantastic. I learned a very valuable life lesson and it taught me to not forget who I am and who I want to become. 
   My final thoughts of wisdom are this; if you or anyone you love have recently been inflicted by the pain of a break up do not rush to heal the wounds. The same as how a cut heals itself, the bleeding stops, it scaps over, and then mends.