You Can't Squander Love

   Many people when they go through horrible break ups go searching for love. Some may even pursue things they don't completely understand to achieve a feeling of fullfillness. Love is chased by many people, yet it is free-flowing. You should never have the feeling of wasted love because it comes and goes. When one opportunity leaves another one will appear. Yet many people become fearful and gasp at the thought of temporarily loosing love. This could then cascade into a shift of behavior that causes them to hold onto it for dear life. 

    Let's imagine love as a pet cat. When going about your daily life the pet cat may randomly come up to you, rub up against you leg, purr, then in a sly manner, walk away. The cat came to show some affection, left, and will most likely come back again. Now imagine when the cat comes up to you once again, you grab it tightly so it cannot leave. So what's the cat going to do? Freak the fuck out! Once it gets freed up it will bolt leaving once again and possibly for good being scared to come back. 
    Love is like that cat. It cannot be forced, it cannot be held against it's will. Love is free flowing and does what it pleases. The best we can do is embrace it as much as possible, and when the time comes let it be free. But always remember it will come back again soon if it's treated right...

    This blog was inspired by my good friend Richard Monteleone. I have to thank him for the great cat analogy. Click the link HERE to check out his website and sick art pieces. 
    All in All
    "Keep on Keepin' on" 
    -John D. Schaser