Centrifugal Fuckery

I'll be happy when "X" happens
I'll be happy when "Y" happens...
I'll be happy when {fill in the blank} happens...

 Sounds familiar? If not, then you may be a rare human being. Everyone should have at least heard this once in their life. Basically it is assumed that happiness will occur once an event or situation happens. It is within these statments that the loop beigns and the phrase, "I'll be happy when.." keeps playing on repeat. I had this epiphany the other day just zoning out in my kitchen. Thinking about my personal training business, and just life in general. I was pondering my thoughts and said to myself; I'll be happy when I get more money coming in so I can fully support myself." Then at that moment I had a flash back to the winter months where I was in the same situation saying to myself, "I'll be happy once I pass my personal training exam. I revealed my own circular thought loop before myself and had a chance to look at it from a distant perspective. Like a hamster running in a wheel, my thought process kept making statements claiming I will achieve happiness when I reach sed landmark. One statement after another, in a constant cycle, I would make hopeful claimes where I ended up not finding happiness. 
            If I didn't realize this thought loop, who knows how long these patterns would have kept occuring. Many people consider some of these thoughts as "goals." Yet once acomplished many of us tend to replace that goal with another immedietly after. What needs to be done is to realize that happiness will never be achieved with this process. Happiness is only found in the present moment, it cannot be obtained by constantly peering into the future. If someone is not happy within the present moment, then they never will be. Goals will be achieved, pushed aside, and a new goal takes it's place. The pattern continues and we tend to chase the invetiable happiness dragon.  
                To really combat this issue acknowledge any looping thought patterns and look at yourself introspectively. Ask, "will  this event bring me happiness at this present moment? Will this goal help me achieve a level of happiness I cannot reach now?" Be tough, honest, and real with yourself. If done properly you should have an epiphany and realization that to be truly happy one just has to step back and enjoy what the present has to offer.

"Keep On Keepin' On"

-John D Schaser