Sugar - Love - & Hating Life...

    "Anymore pestimistic John? Jesus your title already makes me want to give up, aren't you suppose to be inspirational?" - said John's alter ego Juan. 

    Yes I can be even more pestiimistic! People are getting fatter, moving less, eating more, killing themselves...shall I go on? In all honesty this post is not ment to be grim. As I am typing this blog I am sitting in a Dunkin' Donuts in Pendale PA. Random yes, does it matter, no. 
    What struck me to write this post is by doing what I do best, people watch...

not creepy right...right guys? Screw you then, it passes the time quiet well. 

    Over and over I hear people walking in and requesting a some form of sugary coffee or weird concoction that is suppose to kickstart their day. One lady came in, made her order, grabed the cup and cheesed it. As she received her order she quickly asked..."Did you add the caramel?" Not to be rude but this woman did not need caramel. But it struck a thought in my mind. Many people are not happy with their lives...

 "Whoah, hey asshole I'm pretty happy wit me life yo!" 
    Yeah it's a broad statment but let me finish.

    Whether it is with a career, job, work environment, or where they live, there are some people who just aren't happy. Then we begin to see behavioral patterns emerge like sugar addiction, alchhol consumption, shopping addcition, and poor eating habits. When humans are uphappy we find ways to mitigate the negative feelings through activities that give us quick dopamine rushes. That quick ultimate cranial flood of bliss and happiness. The kind of feeling that makes someone feel care-free and at peace. Almsot the same as if they smoked a huge doobie. 
    But here's the backfire, it's fleeting. The issue with these types of activities is that it does not completely change our lives. It comes as soon as it's gone, then we are left with our own devices (+44 song quote). Then what happens? We go straight back again into a routine of quick dopamine rushes. out...back to reality?...nah, restart the cycle!    

   See where I am going here, nothing changes because we are chasing the dragon. Kind of no different than a heroin junkie.

  "HEY AMAZON IS GREAT! That's not an addiction. Coffee just wakes me up, and alcohol chills me out at the end of a hard day!" 

    You might have to re-read my earlier claim, because almost everyhting in modern civilization is geared towards triggering dopamine rushes in human beings. It's like a secret overlord found out this trick in a wizard's lair on top of a stormy mountain hill. It was bestowed upon him in a secret scroll that only he can read...This is starting to sound like Jehovah Witness jargon. Yet it's like this "evil overlord" knew how to control human consciousness. Think about it....

  • Malls are created for us to buy shit. Dopamine rush numero uno. 
  • Coffee is consumed by westeners everyday. Dopamine rush number two. 
  • Alcohol is found everywhere. Liquor stores, walmart, gas stations, resturants, need I go on? Dopamine rush number three. 
  • Sugar, the substance that is in nearly all food that Americans consume. Dopamine rush number four.
  • Tv, movies, youtube, social get the point. Dopamine rush number five.    

   Honestly I can keep going, but by the time I'm done this blog I might as well have made a book about this topic. This post was very elaborate and all over the place, but I want it to be something that opens your eyes. Sit back after reading this and ask yourself what patterns do I practice in everyday that give me bursts of dopamine followed by a lull? You'd be suprised. 

"Keep On Keepin' On"

-John D Schaser